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AMS Announces Lighting System For Architectural Scale Models

Applied Model results, Inc.( “ AMS ”) has developed, and released a lighting system for lighting the innards of architectural scale models. Used primarily as a deals tool for domestic condominium systems, the system is computer controlled, entirely solid state, exercising LED lights. The combination of these three rudiments makes the system extremely dependable.

The system has been completely tested, and enforced in several operations to date. The lighting system is veritably flexible, and is easy to operate. When prospective buyers visit the deals center, the deals staff may use a hand held device to turn individual units on, thereby creating a sense of power for the prospective buyer. The system offers the capability to turn on like bottom plan units, so that prospective buyers may see where all the 2 bedroom units are in the structure for illustration.

Also, units that have been bought may be turned off to exclude any confusion for buyers in terms of what units are still available for trade. At night, the system may be set to automatically oscillate the lights. This is especially useful in operations where the model is placed in a window at road position.

The interface to the lighting system may be as simple as using a television remote, or as complex as a flash grounded touch screen, or defenses. AMS provides custom flash frontal end interfaces as part of a total result, or interfaces the lighting system to third party flash products. “ Although this lighting technology is personal to AMS, the integration to any third party frontal end( flash interface) is simple ” says Coombe.

The result( s) are veritably adaptable and affordable for guests. The operation is much further effective than “ flood tide lighted ” models that simply turn the entire structure on/ off, or inferiornon-solid state approaches where uncomely cables are visible throughout the model. Of course, AMS continues to give custom geography lighting results as well for pools, agronomists, streetlights, et al.


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