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Are Driving Shoes Necessary For Your Drives You Need Know

“Yes”, this one word answer adequately addresses the concerns of those who are still wondering whether proper driving shoes are a must for their safety and comfort. Be it first timers or those who are quite adept in racing (and winning)on the tracks, the role of proper footwear cannot be debated under any circumstances. Wearing proper shoes plays an important and non-compromising role in driving safety, and is the “right” way to go.

If you are not using a suitable car shoe, then you are taking the risk of road traffic collision. Drastic as it may sound to the discerning ear, the choice of footwear for the purpose of driving plays an essential role in road safety and allows you to reach your destination in peace. Along with the right footwork, it is also important to allow your feet to feel the pedals and apply appropriate pressure for achieving the desired acceleration and braking. Shoes that come with soles that measure over 10 centimeters or have clogs with hardened heels are best avoided—this is because the extremely hard bottom of these types of footwear can obstruct you from applying the right pressure for operating the pedals properly.

Remember, brake pedals and accelerator are worked by keeping the heel on the floor. So, it is good to avoid high-heeled shoes altogether, as they can prove to be a problem due to their higher elevation—especially in the case of stilettos and other driving shoes for women. At the other end, driving barefoot does provide the maximum feel of the brakes and other pedals but may result in injuring your feet.

So, which is the right car shoe that you should purchase for your driving purposes?

• If you are not in a rush to buy another pair, you may go ahead and safely use the ones resting on the stands in your shoe rack. But then, the ones chosen by you should have the right sole and heels and should have the appropriate comfort quotient for aiding long drives and shorter commutes to your workplace alike.

• It is necessary to take a careful look at the sole, as it is an important factor in the determination of the kind of footwear that you should ideally wear while driving. It is good to go in for a sole that is neither too thin nor thick and allows you to feel the pedal beneath your feet. Additionally, it should boast of enough grip and neither too soft nor flexible.

• In general, you should invest in shoes that enable easy movement and are lightweight; do not hinder free ankle movement and work well on all pedals. Last but not the least, the shoe should not be too wide as it may lead to stepping in two different pedals –all at once.
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