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Best Tools For Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important phenomena in the corporate world right now. Any major business knows that if they fail to provide quality customer service, they will not be able to stay in the industry for long. The phenomenon is important for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it allows people an outlet to express their frustration with a service provider before they jump ship to a competitor. The second reason is that it allows a business to understand how it can improve its service offerings. After all, very few give feedback as good as that of a customer on a customer service call. Yet another reason that customer service is important is that it has the potential to rope in more referrals and more sales. You can expect things to play out like this: for example, an Xfinity customer is facing an issue with his internet. He will proceed to call the Xfinity customer service number. In the case that his complaint is fully resolved, he will be more likely than not to refer Xfinity to his friends and family. This way, a weakness of the business and a dissatisfaction of a customer would be converted into a strength. For all of the reasons mentioned in this article, it is safe for us to say that customer service is indeed crucial for us. 

Now that we have deciphered that customer service is crucial, it makes sense for all of us to explore the different ways in which we can improve customer service. One way to do so is to figure out the different modes of customer service available. The second way to achieve this goal is by figuring out the best etiquette and manners that a customer service representative should have. Another way this could all be done is by exploring the different useful tools of the customer service world that have helped companies satisfy customers lately. In the case that you are a business owner, a supervisor, or a customer service representative interested in achieving the latter pursuit, you are fortunate to have landed on this page! We say this with so much confidence knowing that, in this piece of writing that you are reading today, we will not only be enlisting but will also be elaborating upon all the software that is beneficial to customer service representatives and supervisors as well as business owners as far as satisfying customers is concerned. 


Zendesk is a tool that has been helping customer service representatives do their job for many years. It is not only used for customer service but also for sales as well as customer engagement. It helps agents through a variety of features that include but are not limited to :

  • Built-in help desk: so the agent can come to know of any information to answer a consumer’s query
  • Live-chat options: for seamless communication with customers
  • Cloud call center: for the purposes of the rapid store of information

Help Scout

Help Scout is yet another tool that helps customer service representatives fulfill the needs of their clients. It also includes many features that are seen in Zendesk. The salient ones include:

  • Live chat 
  • Built-in knowledge base
  • Mailboxes to consolidate all communication with a specific customer


Intercom, as the name implies, is known for live-chat features of premium quality. These features are sure to satisfy customers and have their problems resolved. It also has knowledge base development features as well as onsite chatbots for more efficiency and reduction of costs. The pricing of Intercom, per month, is as much as 38 dollars.


Drift is the customer service tool for you, as a representative, or for your company, as a business, in the case that you want one software to help you with not only customer service but also marketing and sales. We say this because that is exactly what Drift does! It enables you to, among many other things, hold live conversations with consumers, construct chatbots from scratch, and last but not least, track the tickets of customers.  

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has given you a better picture of the tools used in the customer service world. 


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