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Business Leaders Give JNS Resources High Marks for Top of the Line Marketing Services

Some companies stand out by offering the best services and delivering great customer satisfaction. As executives from major companies testify, JNS Resources makes the grade as a phenomenal Internet Marketing Company.

Full service Internet Marketing Company JNS Resources has been making an impact on the business world recently. JNS has been rapidly expanding, adding new marketing products over the years since its founding in 2008. Now, top business executives are singing the praises of JNS, citing excellent services and profitable results.

Businesspeople from companies such as Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, and UBS are among the fans of JNS Resources. JNS has services ranging from keyword analysis and SEO to company profiles and ads.

One of the most popular services for these businesspeople is the prospecting leads that JNS provides. Joe Sullivan of Wells Fargo Advisors explains his satisfaction with this service of JNS Resources.

Sullivan said, “A good prospecting lead can be vital to the survival of a new Financial Advisor. Since receiving the list provided I have had more meaningful conversations with prospects and made more appointments than with lists I have used in the past.”

Paul Jackson, also of Wells Fargo Advisors, elucidates some of the natural rules that govern prospecting lists in the real world. He explains that up to 75 percent of the names on the raw lists actually belong to current clients. It is the nature of this type of project.

What makes business people like Jackson notice JNS is that they are atypical in their commitment to fulfilling their promises. They keep working until the total number of valid prospecting leads has been delivered.

JNS has a consumer site that will allow ad space along with company profiles at a yearly or monthly rate. The consumer website will also have new opt-in surveys. Surveys consist of self-reported information submitted to the consumer website.

A new splash page will introduce the JNS SEO services and the currently free expert keyword analysis. JNS Resources provides detailed reports for companies about their placement on the search engine results pages. JNS offers this Search Engine Optimization with keywords to improve each company’s rankings.

With a motto of “Your business is our business,” JNS Resources has made a name for itself as a customer-oriented company. Business executives from top companies are complimenting their services in words and with their repeat business. JNS is determined to gain and retain the admiration of businesspeople nationwide.


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