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Cairns Australia Most Beautiful Place In The World

With a full nights rest under our belt, we were feeling on top of the world for the first time in a few days. Of course the best way to start the day was to skip the typical breakfast and begin with a burger and beer. With our bellies full we were off to Hartley’s Crocodile Farm, 40 kilometers north of Cairns.

I feel like you can’t truly experience OZ without a few close crocodile encounters, and I figured that was best done in a captive setting, given my luck (although I have travel insurance so maybe it’s time I put it to use). Hartley’s was the perfect mix of getting up close and personal while still retaining all your limbs. While the trainers dangled chicken over the crocodiles in a teasing fashion, we were able to see their true strength and agility being used on something other than ourselves. However, the trainers were quick to point out that most croc attacks are caused by a few bimbos drinking too much looney juice that decide to go for a swim in their local croc infested river.

Besides the crocs Hartley’s is also home to Cassowaries which I would consider equally as dangerous and entertaining as the crocs. The endangered species looks like a direct descendant of dinosaurs with claw like feet and a horn like structure sticking out of their head. They are also territorial enough that guests have to feed them as they won’t eat from the zookeepers, and would rather starve than take food from someone that invades their territory.

A cuddly koala ended our tour at Hartley’s and we headed back to Cairns. A Dan Murphy’s stop was in order, (which for those of you who don’t know is the cheapest liquor store) in order to buy enough supplies for our stay In Cairns. With the biggest nightclub in Queensland, we wouldn’t be leaving until we had our fair share of nights out on the town. We would be staying in the Tropic Days Hostel, while the hostel itself was a bit out of town, the cozy and friendly demeanor of the staff and guests made it unforgettable.

Within minutes we had made new friends, and everyone at the hostel headed out together. With our crew covered in Betravels stickers, we were an instant conversation starter, which was of course great for meeting even more people. With our first stop at the Woolshed we eventually made our way to the infamous Gilligan’s, as most good nights go one thing led to another and we were watching sunrise on the way back to the hostel. With just a few hours before we needed to start the next day, a power nap was in order and my alarm was going off before I knew it.


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