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Captain Marketing Builds Traffic For Clients Through Effective Search Engine Optimization Services

According to a 2021 eye-tracking study by the behavior consulting firm User Centric, 70-80% of computer users purposely avoid looking at paid ads, focusing their attention exclusively on the organic results listed on a search engine results page. In the same study, 75% of computer users were found never to look beyond the first page of any search results, concentrating instead on the organic links found on page one. As this research indicates, the importance of page one SEO rankings is now central to the success of any business website, regardless of its size or product genre. For the small to midsize company that cannot afford the large internal marketing department necessary to effectively address the search engine optimization process, this presents a significant challenge to any effective online marketing campaign.

Captain Marketing, a California based marketing firm, now offers a range of low priced search engine optimization products aimed specifically at the small to mid sized business customer. “Most small business owners don’t have the time or money necessary to figure out the SEO process on their own,” says SEO expert and Captain Marketing lead project manager Joseph Cabello. “Captain Marketing offers its clients access to the SEO consultants, programmers and research tools that would otherwise be cost and time prohibitive for that kind of small scale campaign.” With three basic levels of SEO services as well as customized programs available, the Captain Marketing company offers a menu of choices to their clients seeking to improve their rankings on the search engines.

The “Silver” package is described as an entry level marketing product as well as the most economical, with clients choosing up to 20 keywords to be optimized for the search engines, along with 80 new, one way inbound links, along with onsite optimization, an XML site map, and meta data included to address the stringent requirements of the search engine indexing bots. The “Gold” package offers up to 30 keywords, along with 150 inbound one way links, along with the onsite optimization, site map, and meta data. A “Platinum” subscription offers 300 incoming one way links, and up to 60 keywords, with the same key services that accompany the other product packages.

Along with these technical products, the Captain (as the company refers to itself collectively in its promotional literature), also provides a dedicated project manager to serve as the “real person” behind this online marketing campaign. “With our small team of SEO and marketing experts, “says Mr. Cabello, “we can really help any business to improve not just their search engine results, but their entire online marketing strategy. Unlike at other marketing companies, each project manager at Captain Marketing personally supervises the keyword research and optimization process for their assigned clients.”

It is this one-to-one, personalized attention that Captain Marketing touts as the most unique aspect of its online marketing services. With organic page one search engine results becoming the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign, Captain Marketing is striving to address this challenge for its small to midsize business clients.


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