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Celebrities Instagram Accounts Are Always In News

Big thanks to social media for giving you the power to speak your mind off. For the same reason, many controversies have been in the limelight. Just recently, a celebrity has been taken to the court for alleged defamation on Instagram. The lawsuit has been filed by a woman named Karen Monroe, who says hip-hop superstar “The Game” has hurt her feelings and reputation by posting irrelevant comments. With over a million followers on Instagram, the hip hop star has an account under the name @handsomemurderer. The superstar said in his comment that Plaintiff had been fired for doing inappropriate things as a babysitter like stealing, lying, and screaming at his children.

Among the things The Game wrote, here is something more. He wrote “She was BUSTED having sex with her then boyfriend and leaving a used condom and the wrapper in my daughter’s room”. Not only that, the hip hop star attached an image of her along with the caption saying, if this lady is watching your children, beware as she is a very dangerous babysitter. Having read that, Plaintiff said he has passed aspersions on her character and has hurt her reputation. These people people like to buy Instagram likes from sites such as

Considering the fact like celebrities like The Game has a huge fan following and each of their posts are retweeted, is it true that plaintiffs are entitled to huge damages due to statements like this? Monroe has stated that after all this, she has lost her job and has experienced depression.


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