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City of Adelaide – The Heart Of South Australia

Adelaide, or as the whole of Australia seems to refer to it, Badelaire, sits at the bottom of the country. I’ve come to conclude that Australia is just one big California. Melbourne is to Australia as San Fran is to the Golden State, likewise Sydney seems to be LA, and well by the nickname that would naturally make Adelaide equivalent to Sacramento.

The few differences I’ve found between the two seem to be the fact that OZ has 23 million people spread over a landmass the size of the US, whereas California is home to over 38 million. Also, you can forget hitting a deer with your car, here the kangaroos are road kill. And you don’t need to worry about getting shot here by your local gang, as the animals will finish you off before any human does.

Moreover, your mates will wear sonnies and double pluggers, while reckoning about footy over heaps of schooners in the Avro, whereas in America your bros will wear sunglasses and flip flops while talking about football over a shit load of beers in the afternoon. I’m starting to pick up on this so called English language they speak in Australia, as they seem to have butchered the language almost as much as Americans. The key is to drop half the word and add an ‘o’ to the end and you can generally figure out roughly what they are talking about.

As for Adelaide, with just 24 hours to figure out what this place was about we quickly checked Trip Advisor to confirm that we weren’t missing out on any ‘must sees’. So we set out to the botanic gardens and hoofed our way around the city exploring the central market, as well as just walking through various districts. We even found a Russian restaurant for Elder, but he quickly confirmed that the pelmeni were not up to his standards.

This is about as exciting as Adelaide gets… a greenhouse at the botanic gardens.

Before we knew it, our time was up and we were on the next eight hour stretch of driving back to Melbourne. We quickly realized how monotonous the drive would be, given the fact they have reminders to pull over and rest up every few kilometers. Let’s just say the drive back is the equivalent of driving through Wyoming…

With the road trip under our belt, we were back to Melbourne for the night before flying back to Sydney.


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