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Do Healthy Horses Are Happy Horses You Should Know

Being a horse owner you understand the importance of keeping your horse healthy, which is why it’s so important to use equine wormers. specializes in wormers and health products for horses, helping you take the best possible care of your four legged friend.

Regular Maintenance

Horses are highly susceptible to worms; the majority of horses will have worms constantly because they are always being fed back into their system. In order to keep your horse healthy at all times you need to use equine wormers throughout the year at different intervals, treating for a medley of worms from red worm to tape worm and even bots, which is fly larvae.

How to Treat Your Horse to Reduce Worms

Using equine wormers is the first step towards a healthy horse and understand this; which is why they source the best possible products for your friend.

It is important that your horses stable is cleaned out daily removing any manure and that their field is cleaned of manure at least once a week. The reason for this is that the worms start as larvae in the manure and horses will eat some of it while they are grazing; these larvae get into the horse’s system where they develop and eventually lay eggs of their own, which in turn leaves larvae in their manure only to start the cycle again.

If your horse shares a field with other horses, then speak to the other horse owners and get a maintenance plan in place where all the horses are treated for the same type of worms at the same time. This way you can control the worm situation and enjoy the fact that you are doing the best for your horse.

Anyone who thought that owning a horse is easy is completely wrong, horse care takes time and a lot of hard work and it’s imperative that every possible effort is made to eliminate worms. Untreated worms can do serious damage to your horse’s health in the long run; the best way to combat this is with equine wormers which you can get from

If you are considering buying a horse in the future, read up on horse care and see what it entails, it is not a cheap pet to own, you will need to buy worming products and have the horse shod regularly, they will need dental work carried out and then there is your time, you will need to have time each day to clean the stable and field or paddock.

About was one of the first sites to specialize in equine wormers. They have years of experience in horse care and only source the best products to ensure your horse is healthy at all times. They also offer advice when needed and are knowledgeable on all aspects of horse, livestock and pet worming products to give your horse the best possible care.


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