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Dray’s Alert Dogs In Jasper TX Provides Diabetic Alert Dogs For Service Needs

Dray’s Alert Dogs provides individuals and families highly trained Jasper Diabetic dogs that can help them address the issues of sugar level awareness more effectively. The dogs begin training the time they are a few days old and receive both the socialization and skills that make them wonderful companions and a vital part of a diabetic’s life.

When interviewed recently Ronan Pearson, founder of Dray’s Alert Dogs shared their commitment to meeting the needs of the diabetic community. “Type 1 diabetes is such a devastating condition that we are committed to doing what we can to help individuals to achieve their greatest level of independence. We begin training our alert dogs at birth so that they are able to alert the individual, family and friends when a person’s blood sugar is too high or too low. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that they are matched with the dog that will fit in perfectly with the family and meet the needs of the patient.”

Type 1 diabetes affects 40 kids, and their families, a day in the US. There is no known remedy for the condition and can be life-threatening and cause serious health complications. Worry and fear often become a major part of life when the condition is identified and requires constant monitoring. Blood sugar is affected by weather, being sick, exercise, medication, stress, pain, emotions, food, changes in schedule and much more. In addition, sugar levels can change while a person is sleeping.

Dray’s Alert Dogs are imprinted and trained from birth to reach to the chemical change produced by blood sugar highs and lows. These dogs are constantly vigilant and even alert family and friends when a person is asleep if their blood sugar changes. They provide reassurance to both the patient and family as well as enhance and improve the independence of the diabetic.


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