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Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer and Profile Editor Tools

Does Instagram allow you to save or download posts or images? Do you want to Instagram stories and view previous ones? Nowadays, most people use social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. They use it for communication with other people to sit anywhere in the world and to see videos and images that they are on there. When people use Instagram, and they want to save, download and view stories there, then they cannot perform these functions because Instagram cannot allow doing so. So, many people use to view profiles, reels, IG stories, and followers on Instagram. In this article, you are going to know what dumpor is? What are its functions, and what services does it give users? 

Kelvin Stewart, the co-founder of US Bad Credit Loans, said that Dumpor is a website which Instagram users allows you to download content from Instagram. also he says The best function of a dumpor is to analyze performance on Instagram.

What is dumpor or dumpor Instagram? 

Dumpor is a web application or site which Instagram users use. Instagram users use it because they view Instagram stories, download videos and images, view reels, posts, and followers, and explore tags. The Instagram official cannot allow you to do these activities there, which you can perform on dumpor. Dumpor Instagram is easy to use, and only you have to search on google then you reach there. After opening it, you must put the username and view Instagram stories. There are some functions of dumpor which allow users to perform there. 

Dumpor functions.

There are four main functions that you perform on or dumpor to provide these services to users. Such as downloading content, analyzing, searching everything, and browsing anonymously. 

To download content.

It allows you to download content from there. Instagram users mostly use dumpor for this purpose, that is, to download images, videos, reels, and posts. Instagram cannot download or save these things from there. If you want to download videos or pictures, copy links to them from Instagram and put them on Dumpor does not set limits on content downloads from there, but you can download unlimited videos and images. It does not charge any price for downloading content. 

To search everything on

On dumpor instagram, you can search for everything, such as posts, reels, images, and videos through location, profiles, and hashtags. When you use instagram mostly, you have noticed that people share their posts, videos, and photos using the location name of city and county, tags, and profiles. That is why the dumpor algorithm sets this function according to these three things for searching everything there. So, you have been given unlimited access to searching from dumpor for anything there. 

To analyze the performance of instagram. 

The best function of a dumpor is to analyze performance on Instagram. People do not use instagram only for communication, to see pictures and videos, but they use it as a marketing strategy. Many online businesses use Instagram to advertise their business and also to get clients for business from it. So, dumpor allows instagram users and online businesses to analyze their performance to see which content gets more likes, comments, and people who follow them. It also tells you who your competitor is and gives suggestions to improve performance. Through this function, you can increase followers, likes, and comments, and if you are using Instagram as a marketing tool for your online business, it can boost your business and bring new clients. 

To browse anonymously. 

Many people do not view other profiles because they fear that browsers or apps show other people who view their profiles, such as Linkedin. But keeps your activities secret. When you view other profiles, posts, images, videos, and stories there, then no one can see what you did there. You can browse it without logging in there, and it also does not store your data there, and that is why you don’t need to worry about leaking information. 


Dumpor is a web application that helps instagram users to view instagram stories, save images, and download images. Dumpor instagram provides you with four functions: download content, search Fabcelebbio everything, browse anonymously, and analyze the performance of instagram. There are many other apps and web applications available that work as dumpor alternatives, such as izoomyou, instastories, instalker, and storiesIG.


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