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How Do Car Refrigerators Work?

We always need a portable refrigerator when we go to a picnic or any party. So we want to know how these refrigerators work smoothly.

How does a car refrigerator work?

If you expect to find a noisy electric motor and a hot freon-filled radiator (similar to a kitchen appliance) in a portable refrigerator, we will immediately rejoice – in most models there is nothing like that. In automotive stores, refrigerators of a different type are presented – thermoelectric.

The nuances of operating a portable refrigerator

Here are some fairly simple tricks on how to properly use a thermoelectric refrigerator on a trip and increase its efficiency.

  1. Turn on the refrigerator in advance , while still at home. Of course, this requires the function of working from a 220 V household network – fortunately, many models have it. During the night, the refrigerator will accumulate coolness – it remains to put food in it and take it to the car, where it will be connected to the on-board network. Products, by the way, are also better to cool in advance in a home refrigerator before putting them in a portable one.
  2. Use cold accumulators . In advance – at least a few hours, and preferably a day – put them in a home freezer so that the liquid inside freezes. Before leaving the house, transfer the batteries to the car refrigerator – they will help it cool food.
  3. Hide the refrigerator from the sun – do not forget that it only creates a difference with the outside temperature, and does not maintain the set one. If the refrigerator is installed in the trunk, use a sun shade to keep it out of the sun. If in the cabin – put it on the side where the shadow is.
  4. Don’t turn off the engine. In nature, it is better not to leave a working refrigerator for a long time with the engine turned off, so as not to drain the battery. Use a backup battery for camping (it can power not only the refrigerator, but also the light). Or take a starter-charger with you in case of emergency if you do not want to start the engine every half hour to recharge the battery.

Refrigerator selection 12V

Car refrigerators come in the form of hard plastic boxes and soft refrigerated bags. The latter are cheaper, noticeably lighter and take up less space, but are inferior in efficiency to the “boxes”. But it is more convenient to throw a cooler bag over your shoulder if you have to walk to the final point of the route. Therefore, the choice between them should be made based on the degree of autonomy that you need.

Of the useful functions of a portable refrigerator, it is worth noting the ability to work with a 220-volt home network, which has already been mentioned – make sure that the appropriate power cable is included. It’s good if the kit also has a cold battery, although you can buy it separately. Quiet mode is useful if the child is sleeping in the car. And the heating function will turn the refrigerator into a stove, making it an all-season universal box for water and food.


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