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How Late Is The Closest Grocery Store Open Near Me?

Grocery shopping used to be a simple chore; now, the pandemic has changed everything. We witnessed everything from restaurants operating for limited hours/days to odd-even scheduling and a shortage of delivery slots in online apps during the COVID-19-induced lockdowns. Even though these restrictions may have been beneficial in the fight against the deadly disease, it cannot be disputed that they have created significant concern for many people. Nonetheless, various apps and websites have arisen since then, allowing you to, for example, check out how late local grocery stores are open and get groceries online. We will look at a couple of these internet tools in this post.

What is a grocery store?

A grocery shop, also known as a ‘Kirana’ store in India, is a place where you can acquire all of your daily requirements, such as food and other household items like soap, shampoo, and other toiletries. Across the country, shops have become essential to millions of people’s weekly (and sometimes daily) routines. Groceries may now be ordered online via BigBasket, Blink it, Swiggy, Big Bazar Online, and other delivery services. How late is the closest grocery store open? If you reside in a small town, the local grocery store is often open until 9 p.m.

Top Reasons stores stay open 24 hour grocery store near me:

  • Late-night emergency: You awaken with an intense headache at 1:00 a.m., or your kid feels ill late at night. Find a 24-hour CVS or Walgreens to purchase some over-the-counter medicine.
  • Irregular working hours: Some individuals work throughout the day and can only shop late at night or early in the morning. It is particularly true for those with several jobs or a side business.
  • Want to cash a check at night: A national bank cannot assist you after hours. Finding 24-hour establishments with nighttime cash-checking services is a great comfort.
  • Traveling at night: Drivers and passengers are always on the go. They want to find places where they can buy a few items, including fuel, late at night. 24-hour gas stations and travel centers are helpful whether you have a second profession as a pilot car driver or are contracted to carry autos to Florida for snowbirds.
  • Customer goodwill: Many consumers like that they are not required to adhere to specific business hours. The availability of a 24-hour shop in their area provides them peace of mind that they may get anything they choose at any hour of the night. 
  • Business costs: While most businesses are fully staffed during the day, they may function with reduced personnel at night. Businesses benefit from being open 24 hours a day since fewer personnel is necessary during those extra hours, yet the company still makes money. 
  • In-store maintenance: Many big retail outlets do maintenance tasks such as restocking and cleaning late at night. Keeping the shop open at these hours will enhance their earnings since consumers will be there anyway.

How to find a nearby grocery store

Google Maps is the most convenient and efficient method to find a local grocery store.

Via Website:

  • Launch Google Maps on your PC.
  • In the Search box, enter an address or the name of the town where you want to locate a grocery shop and hit Enter.
  • Click the Nearby tab, then enter “grocery shops” in the Search box.

Via App:

  • Launch Google Maps on your PC or tablet.
  • In the Search box, enter an address or the name of the town where you want to locate a grocery shop and hit Enter.
  • Scroll down to the various category tabs and pick Groceries (if it isn’t visible, click More and then Groceries under the Shopping section).

You will be given a thorough list of local food establishments and their location on a map, denoted by red mini-pins (top results) or red dots. You may also use the drop-down menus beneath the search box to filter your search results based on rating, distance, and other parameters.

How to determine if the nearby supermarket is open or closed

Via Google Maps:

When detecting whether a local restaurant is open or closed, Google Maps is your best friend. Following the procedures given above, you will see that most stores indicate whether they are Open Now, Open 24 hours, or Closed. The latter case also specifies when the company will reopen the next day. You can also see the weekly hours by clicking on a store’s name and then the Timings drop-down menu.

If you want to know which nearby stores are currently open, filter your search results by selecting Open Now from the Hours drop-down menu on the website or touching the Open Now button on the app. As a bonus, Google Maps may tell you how busy a particular store is for shopping at that time.

How to get groceries home delivered using online apps:

Download the online delivery apps to obtain grocery delivery to your house. Here are some of the best apps for getting groceries and other supplies delivered to your door:

  • Big Basket
  • Blinkit (formerly Grofers)
  • Amazon Pantry
  • Flipkart Grocery
  • JioMart

Popular applications like DMart Ready, Spencer’s, Nature’s Basket, and Easyday do not presently provide services in India. After installing the app, log in and enter the PIN for your location to determine service availability. It is possible to buy food online if the service is available. Aside from home delivery, one of the most appealing parts of shopping for groceries online using these applications is the discounts, enticing bargains, and membership program that offers additional benefits.

To survive the pandemic, however, many grocery stores in India have shifted online, and many have employed a hybrid method to harness the advantages of both channels. Locate their phone number on Google Maps, contact them with your shopping list, and request that everything be brought to your home.


As can be observed, various places are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is usually helpful to have a list of all-hours retailers on hand. 24-hour supermarkets may be handy, whether due to your work schedule or an emergency in the middle of the night. You could need to buy something, cash a check, or grab something to eat. This site should be saved, so you have a list of 24-hour stores in your area.


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