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How To Get A More Beautiful Home With James Oliver Interiors

A home without a fire could be said to be a home without a heart. For many homeowners, the fireplace is the centerpiece of the living room which in turn is the center of home. While there may not be as much rush to purchase a new fire as summer approaches, it is still something that you are likely to consider if you are redecorating a room. Deciding which fireplace to choose for your home is not an easy one to make due to the numerous considerations that must be made in terms of size, shape and cost. This article looks at some popular living room design styles as well as the best type of fireplace to match the room.

There are very few rooms that would not look better with the addition of a brand new fireplace and this is definitely true for those with very modern design tastes. If you like clean lines, bold coolers, metal and glass then a modern designer fireplace will compliment your living space brilliantly. At James Oliver Interiors we have one of the largest ranges of modern electric fireplaces in the area, ideal for those interested in fireplaces in Hull and fireplaces in Nottingham.

While modern designed rooms often need a very modern fireplace to match, older or traditionally styled living rooms can generally get away with any style. Whether you go for a large authentic marble or stone fireplace or a small wood burning option, this style of room decoration will not be disrupted by the addition of any fireplace. Ultimately, all that is important is that you have a fireplace that you like, that can provide efficient heat during the winter and is not going to cost the earth. If you get all of this right, then you will have a centerpiece to admire for years to come.


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