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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Christmas Holidays

The Christmas break can be a wonderful time of year, but there are always a million things to do to prepare for December 25th. When you have kids to look after too, this can make juggling your to-do list more challenging, especially when they start their break from school and need to be entertained at home. If you are a parent who is wondering how to keep your kids occupied during the festive season while you take care of the finishing touches for Christmas, here are some ideas you might find useful.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are always a great option for keeping children busy, and it’s also an activity that they will enjoy getting involved with, too. It’s a good opportunity for them to express their creative side, and it could also help them to stay relaxed and focused, too. Find something festive for them to work on, like making some handmade Christmas decorations, painting or drawing a wintery scene or something else that fits in with this time of year.

Board Games

Board games can be wonderful ways to keep both adults and kids entertained no matter what the time of year, but they tend to make a special appearance at Christmas time. This can be a good solution for parents who are trying to reduce screen time in the house and want to offer an alternative gaming solution to their children who might usually play on consoles or tablets. You could even find some Christmas-themed games if you want to.


Baking will require some supervision, but this can be a wonderful activity to do together as a family over the holiday season. Whether you choose to make some gooey brownies, cupcakes, cookies, or some other sweet treats that your household loves, it’s a great way to pass the time and get something delicious out of it! You could even look at using this cookie countess Christmas stencil PYO for a more creative and artistic finish to your baked goods!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt might take some time to set up, but once you do this, you can leave your kids to have fun searching for clues and hidden treasure. You can choose to keep the hunt indoors or extend it to your backyard (if the weather outside isn’t too frightful!) Keep it festive-themed and let your kids get excited about finding hidden treats around your home.

Snowman Competition

If you do live somewhere that does get a reasonable amount of snow, then another way to keep the kids entertained is to have a snowman-building contest. They will love to play outside in the shimmering snow, and they could even work together to build a cute snowman to stand in the garden. Afterward, they can come inside to warm up with a hot chocolate and watch a great Christmas movie.

If you are wondering how to keep your kids entertained this holiday season, think about the suggestions above and see how they could work.


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