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How To Know Important Bare Travels Road Trip

A new day and a new adventure is pretty much how it goes when it comes to traveling and Oct 8th, 2014 was no different. I left behind my beloved Noosa on the start of road trip to further up the east coast of Australia in order to promote a new company, Bare Travels. I’m not sure how I got this gig, one day I was driving the shuttle bus in Noosa, when I overheard Charlie talking about this amazing opportunity to travel up the east coast for free, in exchange for blogging and promoting Bare Travels. My next question, was how do I make this happen? A few weeks later and I got the best text message of my life, “Get ready for an amazing adventure you’re heading up north with us.” I couldn’t be more stoked, and thus our journey begins, Charlie from England, Rich from Scotland, Dani from Canada and Hana from Wales (although she has lived in OZ for the last five years) will be heading up the east coast on an adrenaline fueled, alcoholic bender all to promote Bare Travels. For those who don’t know, in Australia, the backpacker community is plagued with high commissioned sales promoting tours up and down the east coast, and our goal over the next few weeks is to let backpackers know they’ve got options.

Our second goal of the trip is to have an amazing time and create memories (or at least take photos so we can try and remember) to last a lifetime. After a morning of brochure dropping in Noosa, we headed out in Godzilla to head up to Fraser for a few days of team bonding.

With a low tide, we opted to take the beach route up to Fraser, which entailed a sand filled drive complete with a picnic stop at Double Island Point and a bit of clam digging along the way. I’m not sure why we have roads to drive on, when there is a beach that makes it that much more scenic.

After arriving on Fraser Island, we were greeted by a full moon rising above the ocean, only to be treated to a lunar eclipse a few hours later. Not a bad start to an epic trip.


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