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How To Remove Old Pet Stains, Urine And Odor From Carpet You Should Know

Pet stains can be a hassle. They can be unsightly, or they can smell. If not properly removed, they can also last for quite some time. Once a pet stain has set in, removing it can be a challenge . . . unless of course you use Genesis 950.

Genesis 950 can remove old pet stains just as well as new pet stains. It works unlike other cleaners. Many cleaners are chemical based. However treating a stain with heavy chemicals doesn’t always remove it. They can also discolor the carpet.

What makes Genesis 950 a better cleaner is the way it works. It is a concentrated cleaner that uses water to remove stains. When mixed with water and Genesis 950, a stain becomes water soluble and then broken down. In addition to removing stains, it does so safely. Genesis 950 is a green cleaner! No need to worry about pets or children suffering from coming in contact with it.

We recently received some feedback from a customer. Julie wrote:

“Hi, I have a large area (living room, hall and 3 bedrooms) that my 5 year old shih Tzu has completely destroyed with urine stains. I ordered a gallon of your product, and it quickly removed a pretty large feces stain from my 5 month old puppy, so I was pretty excited to try it in a carpet cleaner.”

She also included photos of the stain and the results.


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