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How to Shoot Better Golfing Scores Quicker You Need Know

While driving the golf ball a long way feels great and gives you a sense of accomplishment, hitting precise golf shots with your irons is what will lead you to lower golf scores. Yes, extra distance off the tee allows for shorter iron shots to the green, however, if your approach shots are erratic and inconsistent, then your great drives will be wasted. Let’s examine seven essential areas that will guide you to consistent iron play and lower golf scores.

Your short game doesn’t have to be perfect! It just needs to be reasonably consistent. If you can practice chipping a couple of hours a week, that’s usually enough to be tidier around the green. Short game includes; bunker play, chipping, pitching with best golf clubs, and everything else within 100 yards. This will give you a better chance to make birdies and recover for par more often. I know that my short game, is probably my second most valuable tool.

The second area of importance is proper alignment. While this is easy to take for granted, I meticulously check my alignment on each and every shot. When my iron play is off a bit, I invariably head to the range and spend a couple sessions fine tuning my alignment.

Thirdly, to hit crisp and accurate iron shots you must maintain excellent balance throughout the entire swing. Think back to the last time you watched a PGA Tour event either in person or on television. How many times did you see a tour player lose their balance and finish out of control? The answer is, almost never. This is what impresses me the most about professional golfers. Even while swinging hard to get a little extra distance on a shot, they maintain their balance throughout the swing with individual golf irons for sale.

Most rounds of golf the weather is not perfect, you have to play in wind rain, etc. and not all holes are straight. You need to be able to hit the ball high and low in order to succeed in this game. To hit the ball low put the ball toward the back of your stance and finish your swing between hip and shoulder high. This will keep the ball low and is a great shot to hit if you are playing in the wind. To hit the ball high you need to put the ball a little more forward in the stance, but still hit down on the ball. Hitting down on the ball and finishing high causes backspin which will help you hit the ball higher with r11 irons for sale.

The mental game is also difficult to work on. However, it is the main reason we shoot the scores we do. A lot of golfers become stuck shooting around a certain score. I guarantee your skill level is better than your average score. Fear, self doubt and a lack of trust in them is something most golfers fall into the trap of. At the end of the day you’re only walking around a golf course, what’s to be scared of. I often hear they would struggle. Struggle should never be a word attached to golf, golf is never a struggle, it’s a game, a very enjoyable one!


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