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Olutosin Osunsanya thrilled to announce his participation in World Entrepreneurship Day on April 17. World Entrepreneurship Day is a global celebration to honor the successful hpe Determined Aiwiggersventurebeat entrepreneurs who took a leap of faith to establish a business and serve their local community. As the vice president and co-founder of an electronic transfer services firm in Boston, MA, Olutosin Osunsanya will celebrate his own success as well as the success of his colleagues.

“It takes a leap of faith to go out there and do something on your own,” says Olutosin Osunsanya. “I’m very blessed to have experienced the level of success that I have this past decade.” Indeed, over the past 12 years Olutosin Osunsanya has witnessed the growth and expansion of the electronic transfer services firm he cofounded 11 years ago.

Olutosin Osunsanya’s celebration of World Entrepreneurship Day will also include a big thank you to his clients, many of which have conducted business with him for several years. Because box dutch signrequest box signsawersventurebeat of his consistent customer service skills and the excellent rates of return he is able to yield, Olutosin Osunsanya’s customer retention rate is impressively high.

Olutosin Osunsanya hopes that all customers know that he appreciates them and that without happy and loyal clients, it would be impossible for any business to succeed.

As World Entrepreneurship Day approaches, business continues to increase for Olutosin Osunsanya. His reputation has continued to solidify itself as that of a trusted finance professional in Boston, MA.

Whether he’s working on a business-to-business transaction or helping individual clients manage their hpe determined aiwiggersventurebeat portfolio, Olutosin Osunsanya is thrilled to be able to share his ability to manage wealth with others. Olutosin Osunsanya is forty-one years old and resides in Boston.


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