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Introduction of the pressure cooker You Should know

Pressure cooker also known as a pressure cooker, it can be cooking food is heated to above 100 ° C, invented in 1679 by French physicist Pa level. It features a unique high temperature and high pressure, greatly shorten the cooking time, the energy savings; But the working pressure of the pressure cooker nutrition destruction is relatively large.

Pressure cooker principle:

Pressure cooker principle is very simple, because the boiling point of water by the air pressure, the higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point. Mountains, plateau, the air pressure is less than an atmospheric pressure of less than 100 ° C water can boil eggs with ordinary cookware cook unfamiliar. When the air pressure is greater than 1 atm, the water will be higher than 100 ° C until boiling. People often use the pressure cooker is designed using this principle. Autoclave water fairly closely enclosed water heat produced by evaporation of water vapor can not diffuse into the air can retain in a pressure cooker, so that the air pressure inside the pressure cooker is higher than 1 atm,but also enable the water to higher than 100 ° C when boiling, so that the pressure cooker is formed within the environment of high temperature and high pressure, rice easily and quickly cooked. Of course, the pressure within the pressure cooker is not no limit, or to become a bomb.

The general structure of the pressure cooker

Steel body and cover, fusible film, air vent, safety valve and sealing gasket, and other new forms of the air vent passage. Fusible sheet installed in order to prevent the safety valve appears the fault arising alternate insurance role, it is made ??of aluminum alloy with a low melting point. Once the safety valve failure, the pressure in the pot is too large, the temperature will rise, and when the temperature reaches the melting point of the fusible film, and then continue heating the soluble sheet began to melt pot gas begins fusible sheet ejected, so that the pot pressure decreases, thereby preventing the occurrence of the explosion.

Pressure cooker is only shown in the case of proper use of its advantages, and durable, the pot should be carried out according to the following method.

1.Oil it

Without the use of the new pot, ring flexibility, plus a small amount of food oil pot body on the following, in order to facilitate the initial opening and closing. Before each use the lid, pot body and handle should be clean, easy closing lid.

2.Put food

Put food, food and water are not allowed more than four-fifths of the pot capacity, water or soup shall not be less than 400 milliliters (about two bowls)

3.Closing lid

(1) Close cover before you check the exhaust pipe is smooth, preventing cap cleaning, safety valve is intact, float freely up and down, and in a falling position.
(2) the lid flat on the pot body fixed pot body the lid shown clockwise rotation until the lower handle completely overlap so far, then just moved to the working position, the float valve is fully exposed.


Closing lid is available after you stir heating, saw a small amount of steam from the exhaust pipe comes out gradually, and then the pressure limiting valve buckle to the exhaust pipe, and then the float will rise until the exhaust pipe “hissing” row gas, it may be appropriate to reduce the oven temperature to keep the exhaust to the cooking is completed.

5.Cooling, gas discharge

Natural cooling after cooking can be carried out at room temperature, such as to Claim edible, may be forced cooling method (i.e., a washout or immersed in water) Buck, after cooling, light can be proposed a pressure-limiting valve to discharge the residual gas out.

6.Opening the lid

See the exhaust pipe steam discharge, float down to opening the lid counterclockwise. If the float is not falling prove that the pot surviving pressure, when the air pressure interlock device will play a role as insurance, can not open the lid, do not tough opening the lid. Application chopsticks will indicate valve downward pressure pot residual gas flushed before opening the lid.

pressure control safety devices: automatic power-off during use, such as the pressure exceeds the set.
venting safety device: When the pressure limiting safety device failure pot pressure exceeds the safety value, pressure relief agencies to work around the pot automatic exhaust pressure relief, to ensure that no accidents produce blasting pot.
Pressure limiting safety device: When the pot pressure was increased in limited time, limited pressure release valve Automatic exhaust pressure limiting.

Power and memory protection device: power outage or unplug the power cord and then the new call, or connect the power, it can automatically continue to set before the power failure function.

Limit temperature safety device: When the pot temperature rose to limit automatically cut off the power supply.
6 attempts to prevent the safety device: to prevent the food from clogging the exhaust valve, exhaust valve open.
Open and close lid safety device: When the lid and the pot fastening is not in place, the pot pressure can not rise. When the the pot air pressure is higher than the safety value, not opening the lid.

Over-temperature safety device: When the the pot air burning pot temperature exceeds the set safety value, automatically cut off the power supply.

How to prevent a pressure cooker explosion

Be carefully examined before use seat lid pores is smooth, safety plug is intact
2 pot Food can not be more than 4/5 of the capacity stamped when closed, must be screwed into the slot, alignment of the upper and lower handles. Cooking vapor from the pores to start after the discharge, when the buckle upper limit pressure valve.
When heated to Loud cries sound pressure limiting valve to cooling.

4 cooking found safety plug exhaust to replace it with a new fusible sheet, wire, cloth and other things must not be used to plug.


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