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Kids’ Make-Believe Friends come to life with new Imaginary Pen Friends products

Imaginary Pen Friends creates personalized letters for children from their very own imaginary friends and characters like the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, even that lucky Leprechaun. Parents can also select a pen pal option, allowing children to say goodbye to a beloved pet or even confront that “monster” under their bed.

Up to 70% of all children will invent an Imaginary friend for themselves during childhood. Not only is it common, but imaginary friends play an important part of a child’s life and their social and intellectual development.

Research shows that kids with imaginary friends develop language skills and retain knowledge faster than children without them. By playing make-believe with their favorite toys or interacting with their special fantasy friend, children are able to practice their verbal and written skills and greatly improve their creativity and self-confidence.

About Imaginary Pen Friends

Imaginary Pen Friends aim to foster child growth and development in the most kid friendly way possible. By creating personalized letters and certificates for children worldwide, kids receive a special gift from their favorite fantasy character, invisible friend or beloved pet to treasure forever.

Whether a child needs their imaginary friend as a coping mechanism or a means of play, Imaginary Pen Friends can help children get through the hard times as well as create cherished memories with personalized mementos that last a lifetime.


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