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Kitty Reviews Announces New Twistys Discount

Twistys has been around a long time. Ten years in the adult entertainment industry certainly deserves a round of applause. This very cheerfully laid out site is continuing to hit the ‘top rated sites’ by members and the public. Possibly because of the massive content, but also more likely the type of content it continues to provide. There are five daily updates, and nearly 4000 beautiful models that adorn its very well padded pages. Some of the enticing features are ‘Treat of the Month’ where new aspiring Twistys models are featured in all their glory. When the heat gets too much there is even a live chat section where members can chat to models that form part of the Twistys stable.

There is a little bit or a lot of everything to suite everyone and better still there is now a huge Twistys discount on the membership fee. Along with this very cheap access to the Twisty site you also get to enjoy without reserve all their other sites which have most if not all niches nicely covered. That is some huge Twistys coupon considering the volume that comes with it. Pure crystal clear graphics, download options as well as streaming and true to form Twistys is completely mobile ready.

If you are looking for good content that covers all niches, plus a bulk of content that will keep you busy for days and possibly years the Twistys network is a great space to be in. Their professionalism never falters, with complete support from the Twistys staff and easy sign up. Sometimes it is better to stick with the winners in the industry and winning is often shown by a mark of time. A decade of fun and naughtiness has certainly kept this clever site going for years. The big names that proliferate the site are often a hearty kiss of approval from the girls themselves.


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