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Men’s And Women’s Motorcycle Biker Jackets Vests And Trench Coats

The Leather Dome has men’s women’s and ladies leather motorcycle biker jackets vests and trench coats available for purchase and delivery only within the USA.

“There are many popular men leather motorcycle jackets that bikers like to purchase and wear. Another one of these popular men’s leather jackets that can be ordered online through the Leather Dome website, which is linked below, is the men’s black classic leather motorcycle biker jacket cowhide. The price for one of these men’s leather motorcycle jackets, at the time of writing, is seventy nine dollars and ninety nine cents. This leather jacket is in stock at the Leather Dome online store and is offered in sizes of twenty eight, thirty, thirty two, thirty four, thirty six, thirty eight, forty, forty two, forty four, forty six, forty eight, fifty, fifty two, fifty four, fifty six, fifty eight, sixty, sixty two, sixty four, sixty six and sixty eight”.

“The sizes of men leather motorcycle jackets that bikers will have to pay a little more for are the larger sizes from size fifty to size sixty eight inclusive. Bikers ordering these sizes will have to pay an additional five, ten, fifteen and twenty dollars extra, respectively, for them to be delivered. The proper manufacturing description of the jacket is actually referred to as the ‘all state basic black split cowhide leather motorcycle jacket’. The identification number for this specific men’s leather jacket is AL2001 and can be ordered on the Leather Dome website by typing in the item identification number into the “search by keyword” window in the top right hand corner of the home page and then clicking on the word ‘Go’ next to the window and then add the leather jacket to the respective Cart when the next web page appears”.

“These men leather motorcycle jackets have many useful features, namely that it has it has been made from heavy split cowhide leather or more commonly known as men’s basic motorcycle jacket split cowhide, has a diagonal front zipper, contains four front pockets, has nylon stitching, has a half belt and boasts an outside cell phone pocket. This leather jacket is exactly the same as the All State Men’s Classic Black Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket AL2000 except that it is a little shinier and has a pebble textured finish. Bikers ordering these leather jackets should always order sizes that are two to three inches larger than their actual body measurements because ordering the exact body measurement jacket size will cause it to fit too tightly”.


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