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Motivational Sales Quotes

The field of sales is immensely successful and offer a wide possibilities of performance. However, it’s the area where failures can make people abandon their profession completely. This is why it is important to have something to inspire you. Here are some motivational sales quotes that will help you to go to the correct direction.

These quotes have been sourced from the internet, however they can help you get into the right direction in the event that you’re in one. These quotes can also show you how to excel in this difficult field.

Motivational Sales Quotes For Team

  1. “People don’t buy just because the thing you’re doing is amazing. People purchase because it makes them feel great.” -Tara Gentile Tara Gentile
  2. “A salesperson’s ethics, values and ethics are more important to success in sales than any techniques or strategies.” -Ron Willingham Ron Willingham
  3. “My most-loved sales book? The Bible. I’d like to make it better. We all know who we have become.” -Kare Anderson Kare Anderson
  4. “My most-loved selling book? Harvey Mackay’s Swim With Sharks. Sharks without being eaten Live. Why? It’s the only sales book I’ve have ever have.” – Tristan Bishhop
  5. “The most difficult thing about having employees train and losing them is not educating them as well as maintaining them.” Zig Ziglar. Zig Ziglar
  6. “If we’re clever, we will make many errors.” -“Raman Frey” Raman Frey
  7. “[Sales istrying to reach an agreement. It is best to answer with it’s a yes, but occasionally even a short no is the same as a yes. A long, no could kill you.” Alston Gardner
  8. “The only way to be successful prior to it is found in the words of the dictionary.” — Vidal Sassoon
  9. “The most successful salespeople ask themselves what it’s like to walk in the other’s shoes. They are aware that they cannot perform that task without continuing to learn the way we humans talk to each other.” -Bob Phibbbs. Bob Phibbs
  10. “There there isn’t any magic in closing. There are no magical words. The closing of the deal is totally dependent on the specific circumstances.” -Alice Heiman Alice Heiman
  11. “Jordan Belfort: You can sell me this pen. Brad write your name on the napkin to me. Belfort: No, I do not own a pen. Brad: Exactly! Demand and supply is my dear good friend.” -“The Wolf of Wall Street
  12. “Eagles take off however weasels aren’t attracted by jet engine.”Steven Wright. Steven Wright
  13. “Nobody would like being sold to however everyone wants to buy.” -Earl Taylor Earl Taylor
  14. “Establishing trust is more effective than any other sales strategy.” – Mike Puglia
  15. “[Sales Marketing and Sales need to get talking to one with each other. They must stop drinking each other’s beers.” Ann Handley
  16. “Start talking to your potential clients like they’ve already hired your services.” – Jill Konrath
  17. “Selling does not have to be a sly or a winner takes all masculine action. It’s an emotion-driven that is driven by processes and a an intensively learned discipline. Since, in the end consumers buy from people.” -Subroto Bagchi Subroto Bagchi
  18. “Selling helps people take action on the things they’re already inclined accomplish.” -Daniel H. Pink Daniel H. Pink
  19. “With the advancement of technology, you need be cautious because you could become a cyberstalker.” – Eric T. Tung
  20. “Some people naturally funny and use profanity however I’m not able to make it happen.” -Lori Richardson Lori Richardson

Motivational Sales Quotes to Start Your Day

  1. “You simply can’t beat someone who never loses hope.”
  2. “The sale department doesn’t represent the entire business, however the total company must include the department of sales.” -Philip Kotler. Philip Kotler
  3. “To succeed in selling a loss-making product is to develop excellent sales strategies. Furthermore, you must to be fiercely in the game and constantly eager to succeed in the market.” Ben Horowitz
  4. “Practice is as useful as selling. Selling will earn you a living, the skills will earn you money.”
  5. “Approach every customer with the goal of helping to resolve a problem or to achieve a goal rather than selling an item or offering a service.” -Brian Tracy – Brian Tracy
  6. “Ninety percent of the selling process is conviction and 10 % are convincing.” -Shiv Khera Shiv Khera
  7. “Treat oppositions as requests for additional details.” -Brian Tracy Brian Tracy
  8. “Customers can be like tooth. If you don’t pay attention to them, they’ll disappear.” Jerry Flanagan
  9. “Success isn’t just about the amount of money you earn, it’s about the impact you make in the lives of others.”
  10. “Great salespeople are relationships builders who add value and assist their clients to win.”
  11. “Always do your best. What you plant today will later be harvested.”
  12. “In business when you are able to effectively market the value of your idea, then it’s much easier to trade any worthwhile product.” Wayne Chirisa
  13. “If I say that I would like to become a door-to-door salesman, don’t be afraid to say it.” -Jarod Kintz Jarod Kintz
  14. “Sell the results not the nuts or bolts.” -Richie Norton Richie Norton
  15. “Learn by observing the errors made by other people. It’s not possible to live long enough to repeat mistakes your own.”
  16. “I have never been in for a single day in my entire life that I didn’t sell. In the event that I have faith in something I will sell it and sell it fast.”
  17. “Sale is an result, not a target. It’s the result of performing a variety of things correctly, beginning with the moment you begin to target potential buyers until you close the contract.”
  18. “You must allow the tiny things that usually be boring you, suddenly excite you.”
  19. “Every email offers the chance to evaluate a different advantage and angle.”
  20. “Keep yourself happy, positive and goal-driven. Success in sales is 80% attitude, and only 20 percent ability.” -Brian Tracy Brian Tracy

What are some good sales Quotes?

  1. “It it is cold that’s dead not the caller… I’m with you that nobody ought to be “cold” calling anymorewhich means that they have a number and a name and not having any compelling reason to make a call.” -Trish Bertuzzi Trish Bertuzzi
  2. “I believe the biggest mistake that salespeople today make is to make themselves appear to be salespeople.” Unknown
  3. “A salesperson who is not enthusiastic is simply an additional office clerk.” -Harry F. Banks. Harry F. Banks
  4. “Sales depend on an attitude by the salesperson and not the behavior of the prospective customer.” -“W. Clement Strong” W. Clement Strong
  5. “To be perceived as a trusted and credible advisor, every interaction you make with a client will add value.”
  6. “Prospecting to find the person who is the source of the problem.” -Ben Friedman Ben Friedman
  7. “I believe the biggest mistake that salespeople commit today is trying to appear like they’re not.” -Irreverent Sales Girl
  8. “Timid salesmen are skinny, and their children.” Zig Ziglar
  9. “The customer is tuned into just one radio station, WIIFM (What’s Is It for Me). The rest of the radio is blocked out as background noise.” -Steve Woodruff Steve Woodruff
  10. “It’s not about pitching, interrupting, and closing. It’s all about listening and diagnosing and taking prescriptions.”
  11. “You never have to be older than you are to reach a new target or to imagine an entirely new vision.”
  12. “Great salespeople are people who build relationships who are able to provide value and assist their clients to win.” Jeffrey Gitomer
  13. “All amazing accomplishments require patience.”
  14. “All things being equal, people will conduct business with, or refer business to those they like, know and have confidence in.” -Bob Burgburg – Bob Burg
  15. “To sell is to assist. Discover all the ways you can aid your prospective customer.” -” Meir Ezra

Inspirational Quotes for Sales Motivation to Teamwork and Quotes for Fun

  1. “Although your customers might not be awestruck by your company if you offer poor service, your competition will.” Kate Zabriskie
  2. “For Sale: Parachute. Only used once Never opened, tiny stain” Unknown
  3. “It is not the job of your customer to keep you in mind. It is your duty and your responsibility to ensure they don’t get the chance of forgetting them.” -Patricia Fripp Patricia Fripp
  4. “Sellers who take the time to listen to buyers and then offer them the necessary ingredients are the ones that are distinguished.”
  5. “The method to begin is to stop talking and get started doing.”
  6. “In sales an organization, referrals are the key to unlock the doors to the resistance.” -Bo Bennett Bo Bennett
  7. “If you’re not selling your product, it’s not the item that’s wrong, it’s your attitude.” -Estee Lauder Estee Lauder
  8. “How you market yourself matters more than the product you offer.”
  9. “A Meeting is an activity where minutes are recorded, while the time is not recorded.” Unknown
  10. “When you don’t value your actions the world will underestimate the person you are.”
  11. “I have always maintained that everybody has a job in selling. You may not have an official title as a salesperson but if the field that you’re working involved in requires you to interact with people, you my friend have a job in selling.” -Zig Ziglar. Zig Ziglar
  12. “Prospects are making their purchasing choice based on whether or not they feel you have a good understanding of the issues they face and have the resources, knowledge and the commitment to solve the issues.” — Trish Bertuzzi
  13. “Don’t make a sale on life insurance. Offer what life insurance might do.” Ben Feldman
  14. “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no losing enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill
  15. “A salesperson’s ethics and morals are more important to success in sales than strategies or techniques.” -Ron Willingham Ron Willingham

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