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Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals Pre Order On 02 Orange Vodafone

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been launched amid many speculations, but has this fulfilled all of our expectations. Let’s answer this question.

One of the most-anticipated smartphones currently is the Samsung’s Galaxy S3, which has been officially unveiled. Even though first impressions were promising, it now appears that a lot of tech buffs are feeling a bit let down. This has forced us to ask whether the iPhone 5 will easily thrash the inadequate Galaxy S3.

When we initially saw the official specifications of the Galaxy S3, we thought that it can become the real opponent for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. Several attributes & specifications that had been extensively rumored & leaked appeared on the final specifications list, like the quad-core CPU, bigger screen, Near Field Communication, S Voice (personal digital assistant) & LTE connectivity (for the United States market where it could arrive with a dual-core CPU instead). Though, it appears that many users had been anticipating more. Hence, they are feeling let down with the layout of the new Galaxy S smartphone.

Sadly, many users are saying that this device is nothing more than an incremental update. This impelled us to ask ourselves if we are satisfied with the Galaxy S3. First, 2GB of RAM was expected but the Galaxy S3 only posses 1 GB. S Voice seems like an impressive addition, but consumers were hoping for a 10 or 12 MP snapper. Samsung Galaxy S3 disappointed on all these fronts.

As per the design is concerned, the ‘wow’ factor is missing. The so-called design inspired from nature has failed to excite our senses. Plus, the use of plastic in this high-end device is another deterrent. All eyes are now turned to the upcoming Apple iPhone 5. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the launch of this handset.

While we would like to see both devices going one-on-one, there’s already a tussle ongoing between Apple fans and Android patrons. Anyway, if you are still obsessed with this device considering it being the successor of an extremely successful device, buy a mobile phone deal. Of course, all leading service providers will offer Samsung galaxy s3 deals. Users are likely to be offered these mobile plans in different categories, like contracts, pay as you go and SIM-free deals. Samsung Galaxy S3 deals are likely to change the game, as users are often attracted to highly-subsidized devices.


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