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Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, What Is It All About Know

Very hard topic on todays list. What is the difference between segmentation, targeting and positioning? I will try to present the differences and each one of them through that.

Let’s start with segmentation. Segmentation is dividing the market into segments in order to target your customers more easily. Now market segmentation is not just splitting the market into pieces, market segments need to have some sort of common properties. And you will use those common characteristics to target your market as best as possible. And here we come to targeting.

What is targeting? Targeting is very similar to segmentation but at targeting you only pick out a segment. You already have segments available and you do not have to divide the market anymore. You just need to take a look at those segments and then pick up one or more of them that are good for your business. Now once you have a target segment/segments chosen, you can start positioning.

What is positioning? Well there are at least 100s of articles about positioning on say economy already. Click here to see the search results from our site for word positioning (search of is available from the homepage). But on short, what is positioning? Positioning is marketing your product well enough, so that your buyer/potential buyer connects your product with something. For example: Google is connected with search. Every time someone (you as well I guess) need some information, they go on Google and search for it. Why? Because Google positioned as an online search engine that always finds what you are looking for.

ok… so what is segmentation, targeting and positioning all about? Well I hope it’s clear after you’ve read this article hehe.


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