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Souvenir Shopping in Amsterdam: Where to Go

You’ve walked along the canals, you’ve seen the sights and you’ve stopped in a cafe to enjoy lazy afternoons sipping coffee. However, these alone do not make a trip to Amsterdam complete. Souvenir shopping is a must when you go on jaunting overseas; after all, you’ll need something to remind you of your fun holiday away.

So, once you’ve decided to hit the shops, how are you meant to know the best places to go in Holland’s capital city?

We’ve compiled a list for you so if you don’t have time other than to book your flights and find a cheap Amsterdam hotel, you will still be able to shop ’til your heart’s content:

Saskya & Co

Saskya & Co is one of the most famous stores that specialize in authentic Dutch souvenirs, so this is a good place to start if you are keen on bringing some memorabilia of the city home.

The shop is situated near Central Station, so you won’t have any trouble finding it; what’s more, it is conveniently located so that you can visit while you’re taking in the rest of Amsterdam’s central attractions.

Some of the things you could pick up include an apron-cum-dress, which is used as traditional clothing. The stripes on the fabric represent a different region, so choose one that is authentic for Amsterdam and you can show off to your friends at home your knowledge of Dutch dress.

With friends in mind, you may want to bring them back a gift or two. Choose from porcelain pieces, jewellery and antiques; there is so much on offer, you’ll definitely be able to find something special!

Floating Flower Market

Holland is renowned for its tulips and, while the flowers won’t last the journey home, there’s definitely something special about picking up a bouquet and walking down the streets carrying a bunch of tulips in Amsterdam.

If you do want to bring some color back, you can buy some specifically-packaged bulbs that are arranged for you to be able to carry home at the floating Flower Market.

Reypenaer Tasting Room

This should be the first port of call for cheese fans. Not only can you buy some Reypenaer cheeses, but the tasting room allows you to take part in sampling workshops, during which you can find out more about the Dutch produce.

Learn about cheese-making, the history of Reypenaer and how it gets its distinct flavor, but most importantly indulge in the opportunity to try different types of the cheese throughout these sessions.

Galleria d’Arte Rinascimento

Not all souvenirs have to be cheesy and kitsch – although, let’s face it, some of the best are – and you can pick up some beautiful pieces on your trip to Amsterdam.

Head to Galleria d’Arte Rinascimento and you’ll come across an assortment of pretty Dutch pottery pieces, all in traditional Delft blue.

The gallery has a store so you can buy some lifelong items, including tulip vases, Christmas ornaments and plaques.

These purchases will be long-term investments, but if you want to put a smile on your friends’ faces when you return, don’t forget to pick up some funny items as well. Souvenir shops around Amsterdam are awash with clogs, blue trinkets, bottles of Heineken and Miffy toys.


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