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Styles, Fabrics And Matching Of The Traditional Evening Dresses

China – Traditional evening dresses could be regarded as indispensable part of each woman who will attend a night party or enjoy their lovely evening appointment with their lovers. However, before purchasing the evening dresses, each woman should firstly know some essential knowledge about the evening dresses. In order to help people learn about this knowledge, the customer service from famous Wedding Dresses 2014 online seller will tell people about them.

First part is the styles of traditional evening dress. This style of evening dress stress these women¡¯s slim waist, exaggerated exposing for the sense of weight of the skirt below the buttocks, fully showing of shoulder, chest and arm and enough displaying space for the performance of ornate jewelry. From the detailed information, these characteristics include the low neckline, strong decorated sense of design to highlight the elegant, focus the using of mosaics and embroidery, gorgeous lace, butterfly bows and roses. All of these details could give people the classical and formal dress impression.

Second part is for the fabric using of the traditional Wedding Dresses which is one kind of special occasion dresses. As the evening dress is aim at the showing off for the night communication, in order to meet with the luxury night and warmly atmosphere, the selection of the fabric for evening dresses should be mostly silk fabric, satin flash and other gorgeous and noble materials. These fabrics all belong to high end fabrics.

The third part is the knowledge about how to match with the evening dress with other accessories. First, most of people should firstly think about the selection of jewelry. For this, people could choose the pearl, sapphire, emerald, diamond and other high quality accessories. On the other hand, people should also choose artificial gemstones which effect is also very good.

The secondly factor is for the shoe. The most commonly selection is the high heel sandals or other tradition high heels which have fine and strong modified effect. If it is the high heel which will let toes be exposed, people should have to achieve the synchronization with the face and hand makeup. The third matching factor with evening dresses 2014 should be the choosing of handbag. The handbag for traditional evening dress should be ingenious and the fabrics of them are commonly the multi-use patent leather, soft leather, velvet, gold and silver blended material. Generally speaking, gorgeous, romantic, sophisticated and decency are all common features of these evening dresses¡¯ handbag.


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