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Taking Advantage Of The Rising Popularity Of Dance

The art of dancing has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

After the grunge era, the popular idea of dance changed dramatically. Where many people were once moving with sophistication, there were now masses nodding their heads and swaying gently. In early 2000, some would have even said dance was mostly a dead art form. Today, a huge revival in dance is taking place, and the popularity of moving to the beat has skyrocketed.

Over the past few days, the public has seen a lot of advertisements for the Footloose remake that is being released soon. Countless test showings have been conducted to test the market and build interest, and it has been working. The main thing people have been saying about the movie is the timeless fun and dancing has created a feel good theme that translates to the audience’s tapping feet. The dancing in this movie is also said to be spot on and makes dancing after the flick irresistible.

The recent explosion in popularity of “Dancing With the Stars” has arguably brought the most recognition to dancing over anything else lately. News of each celebrity is online as fast as it happens, and celebrities such as Ricki Lake have reported huge weight loss after beginning dancing. Although most people will not do the same things that the show presents, it is sparking an interest in dance as much as American Idol sparked an interest in singing.

This display of amazing dance moves is increasing interest in both adults and kids alike, and as a family show, is watched by many different people across the nation. We offer professional instruction to get anyone started, and even families can book group lessons to learn together. If not that many people are interested or someone wants to take it farther than a hobby, we also offer personalized individual lessons to accommodate any learning type. Dancing is the most fun art form there is today, and getting back to your roots and trying a new activity can be fun and healthy for body and mind.


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