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The Night Vision Security Camera Systems Related Information You Should Know

With the advancements made in the fields of technology, the modern security camera systems have various phenomenal features. These highly efficient devices are now available at affordable rates. With innumerable variety available at our disposal, one can choose want suits their needs of security and surveillance the most. There are many varieties available in the segment of these video surveillance devices. One of the most interesting types of security cameras systems possibly is the infra red light based night vision camera, or LED camera. These cameras are designed to work in low light or no light conditions. These are best suited to keep a close watch on the activities of intruders, during the dark hours of the night.

These night vision cameras basically record videos by using an infrared light source to light up a scene. Another strong point that needs to be mentioned here is that the human eye is not sensitive to infrared light. Apart from this fantastic feature, a good quality infrared camera can light up to about 100ft. All this actually makes the thieves stay away from the properties that are under the strict vigil of these highly powerful gadgets. There is another category of night vision security camera systems that work on thermal energy. These cameras are somewhat expensive than the infrared based security camera devices.

These highly advanced night vision security camera systems work in a distinctive way. These devices work by detecting the heat that is radiated from an object or living thing. This heat is then converted into an image. The images created by these gadgets consist of false colors that indicate various levels of heat. Unlike other cameras, these cameras do not require a light source. These cameras are being used extensively by the military. Factories and plants that require temperature monitoring also install these hi-tech gadgets. The night vision security camera systems that utilize the infrared technology generally produce grey scale images. One can install any of the above mentioned security cameras systems to enjoy a good night sleep. These gadgets will ensure tension free nights for you.


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