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Top E-commerce Packages For Laravel You Need To Explore

Laravel is one of the widely used PHP-based frameworks to build web apps. Developers leverage an easy-to-understand and rapid development environment with Laravel. 

It removes the monotony from regular web projects such as,

  •  Routing
  • Authentication 
  • Caching 
  • Sessions 

It helps to make the development process effortless. 

There is no need to compromise with the app functionality and enable developers to perform custom-defined operations. You can use multiple approaches to access relational databases, execute dependency injection, and much more to use e-commerce Laravel packages.  

Laravel Usage Statistics


This article will demonstrate the top Laravel packages for eCommerce that you would love to know about. 

So let’s get going. 

Laravel eCommerce packages worth exploring 

1. Bagisto

Bagisto is an OpenSource eCommerce ecosystem. It helps you to develop and scale your eCommerce business. 

With Bagisto, you can establish your business from scratch. The platform provides a new method and technology to brands of all sizes. Brands can build new relationships and expand relational operations with modern technology. 

Bagisto offers a wide range of extensions and plugins. It is a free and open-source eCommerce framework. Users will have total control of their stores. 

Key Features:

  • Multi-vendor marketplace 
  • Multi-store inventory 
  • Product SEO
  • Search by image 
  • Core web vitals 
  • PayPal smart button 
  • Access control level
  • Insight report 

2. Aimeos

Aimeos is a free and open-source Laravel eCommerce shop platform. It is fast, flexible, and scalable. Users build a feature-rich marketplace, online shops, or complex B2B apps faster. 

It scales 1 to 1,000,000,000+ items and is preferred by thousands of developers. Users have downloaded it 100,000+ times. 

This top-notch Laravel eCommerce platform helps turn your existing Laravel website into a full-featured eCommerce app.  

Key Features:

  • Fast e-commerce framework and shop system
  • Free and Open Source (LGPLv3)
  • Unlimited number of shops per installation
  • Secure and reviewed implementation
  • Optimised usability through crowd testing
  • Optimised for smartphones and tablets
  • Highly flexible, not only for online shop

3. Vanilo


If Laravel is your most preferred framework among other PHP frameworks, and you are looking for the pure Laravel eCommerce platform, Vanilo is all you need. 

It is just like Magneto or Prestashop for Laravel. The platform offers simplicity along with flexibility. 

Other PHP e-commerce frameworks provide unlimited flexibility for the price of high complexity. Vanilo offers clarity beyond extensibility. 

Vanilo helps to develop your app gradually rather than making changes in bloatware. So you do not have to waste hours to remove unnecessary consequences. 

Key Features:

  • Stability
  • Testability
  • extensibility 
  • Simplicity
  • Code control
  • Laravel by nature

4. GetCandy


GetCandy is an eCommerce API package. It provides Rest API and admin interface to organise numerous products, users, and orders. 

Users can integrate GetCandy into any of the Laravel apps and leverage multiple features to compete with Shopify, Big Commerce, etc. 

Users not only get advantages from the core eCommerce functionality. They get an advanced admin system extended with users’ own custom add-ons too. 

GetCandy uses the back-end for the PWA (progressive web application). 

Key Features:


  • Custom attributes, Tags, Images, Availability, Variants, URLs
  • Pricing, Identifiers, Inventory, Shipping, Associations 


  • Custom attributes, Collection Groups, Child connections
  • Images, URLs, Availability 


  • Tax Management, Cart Modifiers, Shipping Modifier
  • Session Manager, Saved Carts  


  • Order Modifier, Addresses, Transactions, Activity Log


  • Users, Customer Groups, Addresses 


  • Channels, languages, Currencies 

Admin Hub

  • Powered by Livewire 
  • Extendable

5. Laraship


Laraship is an all-inclusive platform built with modern technologies. Users can access the complete source code to leverage infinite customisation. 

It is one of the best Laravel eCommerce that offers multiple themes. Users have 10+ payment gateways options and advanced Laravel versions with bootstrap themes. 

Laraship is one of the preeminent search engines. Users can sell tangible, digital, and affiliate external products. 

Key Features:

  • API support
  • Secure 
  • User, subscriptions, and content management, website manager 
  • Payment, eCommerce, and advertisement management, Notification manager 
  • Referral, Newsletter, and Cache management, SEO manager
  • Auto updates
  • Easy to customise & Extend  
  • Plug & Play 
  • Form builder 

In a Nutshell 

Laravel offers a seamless experience for the developers to execute custom-defined operations. Choosing any of the packages mentioned above helps users perform their functional tasks effortlessly. 

It depends on the project needs that help which package to opt for. 

If you are confused, you can consult one of the leading app development companies and hire dedicated Laravel developers. They will guide you with your eCommerce project with Laravel from the scratch or help extend the functionality of your app.


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