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Types Of Modern Sexy Teddies Lingerie You Should Know

Teddy is a sexy lingerie term that may also be called teddiette or teddies. This is a one-piece woman’s undergarment that is usually combined with a camisole or a chemise and some underpants. Sometimes sexy teddies lingerie has a snap crotch feature. Teddies lingerie nightwear does not only come in one plain form, it actually has several kinds.

Traditional Teddies Lingerie Nightwear

These teddies are made to display your figure as this was created with a visual allure in mind. You can usually find traditional teddies lingerie nightwear with underwire or with soft cups. They may also come with or without its detachable garters. There are still many different colors as well as designs for the traditional sexy lingerie nightwear, but most often than not, they are made up of partially sheer to completely sheer material.

Full Back / Bareback Sexy Teddies Lingerie

By their names, the full back teddies can cover the back completely while the bareback has an open back feature. Some people treat the bareback teddies as an erotic lingerie since it displays the back more while giving a full support to the bust area making the wearer look more sexy and appealing. And, since it has full support, wearing a bra will not be a requirement.

Thong Back Erotic Teddies Lingerie

This teddies has a thin strip of fabric material that runs along the center part of the rear, much like how a typical thong does. This would be lovely if you want to show off your bottom.

Aside from these kinds of erotic teddies lingerie and sexy teddies lingerie there are still other types that you may want to consider before shopping for your own. There are teddies that are opaque while others are made in fishnet style. There are teddies that have halter style while others come out to be quite revealing.


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