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What to Expect from a Pediatric Dentist You Need Know

Many dentists will recommend that you take your children in for their first dental checkup near their first birthday or as soon as their teeth have started to come in. To develop healthy habits of dental hygiene in children, however, it is essential that you choose a reputable and gentle pediatric dentist from the very beginning. A dentist who specializes in providing care to children, such as Dr. Darrel Bischoff, DDS, will offer important services which are particularly important in caring for brand-new teeth. These services often include the following:

  • Preventative Care and Education
  • Proper tooth brushing habits
  • Use of pacifiers or thumb-sucking
  • Dietary habits
  • Information about fluoride and other supplements
  • Normal expectations and milestones
  • Regular Dental Care

Offering the same dental checkups and cleanings that your dentist provides you, a pediatric dentist must also communicate with your child in a way that he or she can understand. Most pediatric dentists have studied and practiced extensively to develop the mannerisms, language and interactions that children will respond to comfortably.

Ongoing Assessments for Future Care

Today many children’s dentists will understand the benefits of early recognition of an improper bite, gum diseases, or the need for corrective care. By routinely assessing the state of the child’s mouth structure and dental hygiene, the dentist can prevent serious problems later on.

Emergency Care

As children spend time on the playground, participating in league sports, or in many other physical activities, it is common for teeth to get knocked out or fractured. A pediatric dentist needs to be available quickly in order to address these common childhood emergencies.

With an inviting office and a friendly receptionist, Dr. Darrel Bischoff of Dental Care by Design can start your children on a lifelong path of correct dental hygiene. Visit to learn more about the pediatric dentistry services provided by Dr. Bischoff.

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Dr. Darrel Bischoff of Dental Care by Design in Peoria, Arizona, offers the latest in hi-tech dentistry in a relaxed, caring, family-friendly environment. An artist in his spare time, Dr. Bischoff uses art and aesthetics in everything he does – including, and especially, his dental work.


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