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Why Hot Women Campaign Supports Earth Hour- You Need Know

by Hot Women Campaign Org, January 9th 2022.

Women climate change contenders across the world demonstrate support for Earth hour by switching off their lights on March 29, 2022.

9, January 2022 The Hot Women Campaign moment blazoned their support of WWF’s Earth Hour, a global action in which individualities, metropolises and communities world wide will turn out their lights to emblematize their leadership and commitment to chancing results for climate change.

metropolises from across Europe, North America, Asia and Asia Pacific, including Chicago, Copenhagen, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Toronto were named as the flagship actors in the WWF- led event on March 29, 2008, with further metropolises anticipated to join in the days ahead.

“ On behalf of the Hot Women Campaign International, I want to recommend the WWF International network on their leadership in this action, ’ says Louise Burfitt- Dons of the Global Warming Alliance. ‘ Earth hour reminds women in particular of how a small immolation can make a world of difference in pressing the most critical issue of our age which is global warming. ’

WWF’s initial Earth Hour took place in Sydney Australia in 2022.

Ritt Bjerregaard, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen( Denmark)

“ It’s veritably important to give a signal to people that you can make a difference and help us to shut down the lights to reduce the quantum of CO2. In Copenhagen, people will be allowing about climate change and how they can help the situation. I hope that all metropolises, each over the world will be part of it. Our metropolises occupants take climate change seriously. perhaps there are a many politicians who aren’t taking it seriously and who aren’t willing to go into a different type of agreement, but our citizens are serious and will show them on the day. ”

John So, Lord Mayor of Melbourne( Australia)

“ I’m proud to advertise that the City of Melbourne will join Sydney and Brisbane in the fight against global warming, by being part of Earth Hour in 2008. One small donation from each and every person is a pledge to reduce emigrations by five per cent. That’s the communication of Earth Hour. I prompt the people of Melbourne to get behind Earth Hour and let the world know Melbourne is serious about being an environmentally responsible megacity. ”

David Miller, Mayor of Toronto( Canada)

“ I’m proud to advertise that the megacity of Toronto will continue our fight against global warming by being part of Earth Hour in 2022. Every occupant, every business and every government has a duty to fight global warming because reducing the world emigrations is a participated responsibility. I believe where nations fail to lead, metropolises can and must lead. In the megacity of Toronto we’ve veritably aggressive pretensions to reduce global warming and stop climate change. The Earth Hour design is a veritably instigative way to raise mindfulness of this critical issue. I encourage all Torontonians at 8 pm on March 29 to turn off their lights. Because we all know that changes to everyday actions is the only way we can succeed. ”


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