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Why is it Best for Women to Wear Sandals at the Beach?

When you think of the beach as a woman, your instinct possibly moves on to sunbathing or swimming in the sea. But you may not give enough time to imagine what will look good on your feet.  

Still, there is a mistake. You should avoid wearing the wrong footwear at the beach. It can convert a pleasant beach holiday into an annoying trip in a few minutes. 

So, it is always good to wear beach sandals for women. Read below to know the reasons why this must be your priority during your next beach visit.  

1. Keep You Relaxed 

It is not a concern what shoe type you wear or how cautiously you walk; the sand will definitely get inside your shoes. It cannot be avoided. And walking all over with sand in your shoes can be difficult, specifically when the sand presses next to your skin.  

Sandals remain open; therefore, they cannot snag sand opposite to your feet. Whereas the sand would enter your sandals, it will only plunge right out as you step, so you will not have to handle hurtful scraps or sand blazing afterwards.  

2. Easy to Wear and Take Off 

You have thought before even you leave the house that you will not get into the sea all through your vacation to the beach, so you wear your favourite shoes. So, once you reach and look at the beautiful water, you cannot refuse to immerse your feet in it for a rapid splash.  

That shows you must remove your shoes and socks and then bring them with you as you step through the waves.  

Overall, wearing beach sandals offers you the liberty to remove and wear them whenever you need. If you wish to get into the ocean, you can take off your sandals and wear them back again in a few seconds. In addition, beach sandals are weightless, thus, they can be easily carried.  

3. No Risk of Breaking Down Your Shoes 

Keep in mind that there is no respite from the sand when you visit the beach. 

Your shoes will get completely filled with sand, and it can be tough to take out all the sand over and over. You may think that disposing of them would solve your problem, but that is not the real thing. Sand can enter all the small crevices and cracks in your shoes, remaining for weeks or months.  

No matter, whenever you put on sneaker shoes to the beach, you also have a risk of getting them damped. If you do not have enough time to let them dry, your shoes may turn out filthy or even start growing mold. Also, it can be tough to clear away the beachy smell that can occur with seawater because beach water is salty. Once it enters your shoes, this salt can harm your shoes and destroy their look.  

Beach sandals for women are made to resist the ocean. Therefore, you can wear them in the water without thinking about what their condition will be after that.  

4. Go with Your Beach Attire 

Conventional sneakers possibly will not match your swimsuit or other beach dresses. If you want to complement your beach attire, you will significantly require a pair of beautiful beach sandals.  

There are various types of sandals online you can select from, so do not think that wearing beach sandals will restrict your self-interpretation or creativity. With online shopping, you can find beach sandals for women that accentuate your style and keep you satisfied throughout your adventures.

5. Come Easily in Your Beach Bag  

Sneakers are heavier than sandals and can increase your beach bag’s weight. Since sandals are lightweight, you can put them into any beach bag without seeing any difference. 

Whether you only carry a purse, there is still a possibility you can keep your sandals inside when you are not wearing them. 


As you have a plan for beach holidays, do not forget to buy comfy beach sandals for women at Ipanema. So, when you wear beautiful sandals at the beach, you will be able to relish your vacation to the fullest limit and move anywhere your feet can take you.


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