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Why Radio Show Excited About New Season You Should Know

Pet lovers love their pets and especially talking about their pets. Your Pets My Dogs is an online radio show devoted to the love of animals.

“Anything that is intriguing, important or significant about pets, we will be discussing it,” said Host Lisa Smith-Putnam, or LSP for short.

All aspects of pet care are discussed and highlighted. From health and well-being to animal stories and behavioral problems, Your Pets My Dogs has it covered.

LSP is very excited about the coming year’s lineup of guests, including Backer T. Labradoodle, an animal actor, author and Labradoodle spokesperson.

“The Labradoodle is the latest mixed breed of dog that is popular and we are fortunate to have Backer on our show. He, along with our other guests should make this season of Your Pets, My Dogs one of the best so far,” LSP added.

Each week, LSP has a special feature of pet etiquette, ‘etiquette’ as she calls it, and is a guide on how to handle your own pets and others as well.

“It is rude to walk up and pet a dog without the owner’s permission, for example,” said LSP, “this is the sort of thing we discuss as part of the wrap-up of our show each week.”


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