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Write The Best Article And Win An iPod Nano

Say something about economy and win an iPod Nano! Today we start a 14 days competition for best article about economy on our Say Economy site. After two weeks, we will take some time depending on the number of articles we receive and decide which one is the best. The best article will receive a very cool iPod Nano with our logo on the back! We will also cover the sending fees!

Anyone can compete but there are some rules you have to follow.

Rule number one: Content of your article

Article must be written by you. You cannot just copy it from somewhere! You can write about anything connected with economy. This includes: marketing, management, investments, advertising and any other topics connected with economy. It does not have to be written just for this competition. You can copy it from your blog.

There is no limit on the number of words, but try to keep it under 1500 and over 200 words.

Rule number two: Number of articles

You can compete with more than just one article. But there is a limit of 5. So more articles you write bigger are the chances you will win the iPod Nano with our logo on it.

Rule number three: Submitting

You have to send articles on our email [email protected] . In the subject write the title of your article and the topic.


Creating a Marketing Plan – Marketing

In the body of an email, put the article of course and under it write your personal info. We do not need the address just yet. Once we choose the winner, we will send him/her an email asking for an address. That way you do not have to send us any “real personal” info unless you win. But you do have to send this:

Nickname or real name
This is basically it. If you have any questions ask in comments below and i will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your participation.

Oh and P.S., do not forget to tell your friends about this! Let them have a chance too, I’m sure they will be thankful.


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