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4 Dimensions of Relational Work by Butler

Timothy Butler worked with James Wal droop to give these four dimensions in year 2004. They say that, be it any area of business, the interpersonal commonsense is really important.

The productivity in an organization can be improved by taking the following measures:

  1. By employing the right people.
  2. By involving them in best projects.
  3. By rewarding them for their works.
  4. By giving importance to career development as well.

The managers know which employees are good at what work so the tasks must be assigned accordingly. Following are the four dimensions:

  1. Influence: The people having this dimension as their strength like to influence others by their viewpoint. Such people are fond of gaining more and more knowledge and sharing it with other people. The role may suit sales managers and marketing managers as well.
  2. Interpersonal facilitation: The people with this attribute are good at noticing people and reading out their minds. They can sense people’s ideas. While in a meeting, people with Interpersonal facilitation can help bring out ideas out of other people’s minds.
  3. Relational creativity: People with expertise in this dimension have the capability to influence others merely by their words and pictures. In this case, an in person meeting is not needed, as in Influencing it is.
  4. Team leadership: Interaction is the main quality of people in this dimension. Leaders are much more interested in making people work together and achieving the desired goal. An individual may have expertise in any one of these dimensions or he may be good at one or more of them. Depending on these, the employees may be assigned their work by the managers in the organization. This may help build good teams and tasks may be completed efficiently.

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