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Air France Dhaka Office, Address, Phone Number And Ticket Booking Agency

Air France, abbreviated as AIR FRANCE. It is France’s flag carrier. Headquartered in Tremblay-en-France. There are a lot of places in Bangladesh that sell Air France tickets. My Air Ticket agency has the best reputation for being an allowed sales representative. Call the Air France Dhaka Office phone number to buy a ticket.

If you want to buy flight tickets from the Air France Dhaka Office, please give us a call.

  • +8801516338033
  •  +8801315403803

Our address is where you can reach us.

Road 108, Plot 126 (ROSE PALACE),

Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi,

Dhaka 1209.

All the tickets we sell are for flights with Air France.

Checking in online: There are two ways to check in online.

You can always check in online.

You should be able to check in online thirty hours before your flight.

  • Use the number on your ticket or booking to check in.
  • Use the program loyalty number to check in.

How do I get out of my reservation I made online?

To get out of checking in:

When you check in, you can cancel up to an hour before your flight.

(Starting 24 hours before a flight to or from the United States leaves)

What should I think about before I leave on my trip?

  • Getting a boarding pass.Before you get started? Please choose how our boarding pass.It will be sent to your email. Get it on your phone by downloading it.As soon as possible, print it. You can also pick it up at an interactive Air France kiosk at the airport. Go to an Air France check-in counter if you can’t get your boarding pass online or at a kiosk. Get to the airport ear  because pre-boarding checks could take longer than expect.
  • Making a baggage tag.Have you looked at your bags? If you print your luggage tag before you go to the airport.  you will save time there.Would you rather have your bag tag print at the airport?. You can use interactive kiosks that are ready and waiting.How to get to the airport best
  • We should go to the airport! Remember the last time you can board your flight for a stress-free trip. Your flight won’t leave for another 15 to 20 minutes.

You have two choices before getting on the plane.

  • If you have bags that you check usapridenetwork, go to the area where people get their bags.
  • Go to the boarding area if you don’t have any check bags.
  • Don’t forget to drop off your bags before the deadline if you want to travel without stress.

A little bit about Air France

KLM is the Netherlands’ national airline (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V). On October 7, 1919, the company began to do business as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

The KLM Group has 206 planes in their fleet. Since the AIR FRANCE-KLM merger in May 2004, KLM has been a part of the group.

In 2004, Europe’s biggest Aeroplane factory opened. It will happen after AIR FRANCE and KLM join forces. It will happen after AIR FRANCE and KLM join forces.

Information about the bags

Find out how many bags you can bring for free. Find out the places where certain traffic rules apply . There may be limits on the size and weight of your carry-on bags. 

  • Find out how many bags you can check for free in total. Find out where certain traffic rules apply .
  • Depending on which cabin you are in, there may be limits on how much you can carry on and how heavy it can be.

How much your bags weigh together:

  • The total weight of your carry-on luggage and personal items can’t be more than 12 kg in the economy cabin (26.4 lb.).
  • Passengers in Premium Economy, Business, or La Première cabins can’t weigh more than 18 kg (40 lb).
  • The total weight of your purse, including any extras, can’t be more than 18 kg.
  • Personal items that are allow
  • You can bring an item of your own along with your carry-on luggage. This item is 15.7 x 11.8 x 5.8 inches (40 x 30 x 15 cm) at its biggest.

You could bring:

  • One bag or purse
  • One bag for your camera
  • Computer
  • other electronic equipment.

You must put your personal item in the seat in front of you, unless you are in an exit row.

If you are in an exit row, you must put your personal belongings in the overhead compartment.

Taking a trip with a small child.

  • If your child is over two years old, he or she can carry as much luggage as an adult. A person can on  bring so much and so much weight in their luggage. It depends on the type of ticket and cabin the person has.
  • If your child is younger than two

Whether they have a seat reserve, your child can bring as many bags as the ticket price allows.

Instruments of music

All the stuff can fit into two big suitcases.More than 32 kilograms, or 70 pounds

158 cm/70 inches taller, wider, and deeper than the rest.

If you want to hold bigger things, you’ll have to pay more. This is the destination’s fee for having too much luggage.


Because this is a “specialty item,” it will cost the same as a tandem. Bicycles cannot be checked as luggage.

Does Air France let you bring lithium batteries on board?

Our Aeroplan authority says that these items are not allowed.

E-cigarettes, lighters. and other devices. with bad lithium batteries were either broken or recalled by the manufacturer.

How do I find out when my flights with Air France are?

  • Check the flight schedule for Air France or a partner airline.
  • Keep up with the latest information about flights.
  • There is information about flight status for the last 180 days and the next 365 days.
  • Enter your departure or arrival airport to see a list of all flights that leave or arrive at your airport.
  • Enter both to find out what’s going on with your flight.

Visit website: https://wwws.airfrance.fr/en/flight-status

Details about the Air France planes

The biggest fleet. As of December 31, 2021. There were a total of 408 planes in use. Our fleet made up of the following cars and trucks:

242 mium-distance Aeroplanes 160 planes. that go long distances Six cargo. The Aeroplan plane is the 89th one in the Transavia fleet.

On December 31, 2021, there will be 97 planes in use.


We will always be by your side and speak up for you, no matter where you go. We will always work hard to get and keep your business. Even if things don’t go as planned, we’ll do our best to stay true.


1.Is Air France requiring the Covid test?

For flights to or from France, no tests or vaccines are needed. What exactly  does “Ready to go” mean? The free and convenient “Ready to go” service. it allows you to upload all necessary health documents. your trip prior to arriving at the airport.

2.Is it necessary for me to wear a mask on Air France?

Masks are strongly  recommended on board our plane. Surgical masks or FFP1, 2, 3 (without valve).  masks may be on board or at the airport . It depends on your destination country. Please consult Travel Doc to determine the appropriate mask for your trip.

3.Is there food on Air France during COVID?

Meals and snacks are served on all Air France flights. regardless of destination or travel class. If your Air France flight  is operated by one of our partner airlines, onboard meals may be charged. What kinds of beverages are served on Air France flights?

4.Is it okay if my luggage is oversize?

What happens if my luggage weighs too much? Weight restrictions apply  to single items of luggage in hold luggage on most airlines. This is a typical  23kg. You may charge if your hold luggage exceeds the limit and you have not paid for more space.

5.What if your bag is heavier than 23kg?

If your bag weighs more than 23kg, you must pay a “Heavy Bag Charge” to check in a bag weighing up to 32kg at the airport.


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