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Bad Sides of Email Marketing You Should Know

If we talk about online marketing tools, email marketing is the most effective and widely used type among all. Though it is one of the most inexpensive way used to develop one’s business, is has its own cons. The pros of email marketing can be listed like

a) You get a fast reaction from the customers
b) Its cost effective
c) Its used minimal resources
d) It produces measurable results.

Though they have such a number of advantages, there are few cons which should also be noted.

A) Need to be a good writer:

You don’t need to be the best in the world, but you do need to be able to know what will captivate your audience’s attention, and how best to word your thoughts to optimize click-through. There are ways around this, however; you could hire an experienced writer. While this will cost more, the return on your emails should easily cover this.

B) Spam:

People nowadays often get inundated with emails and subsequently filter out only those personal messages from family, friends and colleagues. All else often are branded as spam. Hence, it is not surprising to find your emails being classified as such and not reach recipients as intended.

C) Keep the emails concise:

Time is often too short with busy lifestyle nowadays. Therefore, keeping the emails short and sweet with just the right amount of information needed to convey clearly is of great importance. You should not give room for exaggerated stories and lectures. Keep it precise.

D) Emails limit originality:

Remember the content of the email being the most crucial key ingredient in the marketing strategy, being imaginative just does not fit into the theme. Precise and concise is the way to go.

The awareness of the potential of email marketing unfortunately is still at infancy. A lot of small businesses simply do not have faith in emails as a tool or medium to broadcast their services or products at very low cost. Those do believe, are currently providing more effective and efficient customer service and bonding with their clients.


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