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Blackridge Automotive Publish Their Predictions For The Future Of Driving

A car repair and servicing company, Blackridge Automotive Ltd, based in Bedford, has published an exciting new blog post predicting the key changes to driving over the coming years.

In a climate of environmentally-conscious decisions and ‘greener’ living which protects the planet, driving could be seen as a step backwards. It is currently associated with pollution, congestion, harmful emissions, and the use of unsustainable fossil fuels. But all that is changing.

In the new blog post published online by Blackridge Automotive, the future of driving is predicted to be more environmentally-conscious, cost-effective, and full of innovation.

Changes are predicted not only for the cars themselves, but also for the fuel we use, where we will be able to drive, and even whether cars will require human drivers at all.

The blog post details some of the key changes predicted by experts in the industry. These include electric cars and hybrid vehicles designed to use sustainable fuels, which also help to ensure safer roads due to their lower risk of fires and accidents.

The post also discusses the prospect of self-driving cars — vehicles that need little, if any, driver intervention which may help to reduce accidents made by human error. Increased automation is undoubtedly a part of modern society, and the blog post predicts this will be true of driving too.

There is also discussion of the rise in more sustainable practices like renting, reusing, and recycling cars. Many car owners are now choosing pre-owned models, reducing the need for newly made cars, or choosing options which can be recycled, or have even already been made from recycled parts.

Finally, perhaps an unexpected prediction for the future of driving, is less driving overall! The blog post discusses the policies that could see some of the UK’s busiest cities become entirely car-free zones, as opposed to simply charging congestion fees.

Many people may also opt for alternatives to driving, such as improved public transport, Cycle to Work schemes, or working from home on a more regular basis. The blog post offers an accessible and engaging insight into the rapidly changing world of driving.

About Blackridge Automotive: Blackridge Automotive Ltd is a leading car servicing and maintenance garage based in the Bedford area. They are independent specialists in a range of car brands, including Audi, Porsche, VW, Bentley, Skoda, and SEAT. You can visit their offices at: Blackridge Automotive, Unit 12, Caldwell Walk, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 9DT.


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