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DeskFlex – A New Concept of Workspace Design

Deskflex is a new concept of workspace design that allows you to change your work space on the fly. It helps you maximize the use of your office space, as you can quickly adjust your chair and desk to accommodate different activities or a variety of people. This can be an useful option for people who travel often.

Flexible workspaces

If you’re searching for an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective way to optimize your office’s workspace, you should consider using DeskFlex. This software provides organizations with a complete suite of reservation options, allowing them to set up blocks of rooms and workstations, as well as schedule equipment.

DeskFlex combines current premise management technologies with enterprise-grade access management and identity validation. With its easy-to-use interface, DeskFlex facilitates efficient workplace management. Whether you’re a government agency or a private company, DeskFlex can help your business maximize its space utilization and improve employee productivity.

DeskFlex also integrates with MS Exchange Integration and Office 365. This gives you an intuitive and map-like overview of your entire office, including the location of each desk. It even allows you to schedule personalized consultations.

You can easily log onto various apps in DeskFlex, such as Outlook and Calendar, to manage your appointments and reservations. You can also monitor your employees’ locations, check the availability of desks, and set up automatic return of unused equipment.

Custom programming service

DeskFlex custom programming service provides innovative tools to improve employee productivity. Whether you are looking to create a digital workplace or make your existing office more accessible, DeskFlex can help.

Whether you’re running a single office or managing a campus, DeskFlex can be customized to meet your needs. It’s designed to help you reduce overhead costs and maximize office space. With its flexible scheduling software, you can set aside blocks of workspace, special rates, and meeting rooms for specific uses.

DeskFlex’s custom programming service can give your business a competitive edge. It offers a variety of features, such as contact tracing, automated messages, and pre-stay and post-stay alerts. You can even use DeskFlex to group invoices, track inventory, and keep records of check-ins.

In addition, DeskFlex can help you manage multiple campuses and dormitories. You can also reserve rooms and equipment, take payments, and analyze activity. This helps you minimize the risk of double booking and errors.

Efficient management of desk, equipment and room space utilisation

Deskflex is a software solution that helps organizations make the most of their office space. It allows staff to reserve desks and other office equipment. The system also provides a convenient tracking mechanism that displays the status of the equipment.

This office management software can be used in a variety of industries. It is a flexible scheduling solution that promotes collaboration and encourages employee-centric workplaces.

In addition to maximizing the value of their office spaces, businesses and other organizations can reduce facility costs by using DeskFlex. The system allows users to schedule conferences and meetings, book rooms, and set up blocks of room for meetings.

Higher education institutions, such as colleges and universities, can benefit from DeskFlex’s conference room booking engine. It also helps them manage classroom and dormitory spaces.

Healthcare facilities can also use DeskFlex to help them maximize the use of beds, medical equipment, and suites. DeskFlex’s Room Display Touchscreen helps manage training rooms, operating rooms, and conference rooms.


The deskflex is a cloud-based software that offers flexible workspace solutions. It can help you find the best locations and improve productivity.

This free tool is useful for people who are busy professionals. It provides access to more than 14 million desks in 46 countries. And, you can book them instantly. You can also manage several events at once. There is even a feature that allows you to review health protocols in the workplace.

If you are looking for a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution, you should consider this option. Aside from providing flexible workplace solutions, you can also choose from co-working and quiet rooms.

It can be customized according to the needs of your company. DeskFlex integrates existing premise management technologies. As a result, you can control your client information and ensure safety practices aren’t compromised.

For businesses that want to promote their workplaces, you can use the system for scheduling conferences, managing conference rooms, and monitoring visitor traffic. These features can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Zapier.


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