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Franklin, TN Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Lane, Provides Family Oriented Care

Franklin: Cool Springs Family Chiropractic is pleased to announce that Dr. Christopher Lane, Franklin Chiropractor, has been recognized for his efforts in providing families in the community with the care and education they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. The doctor has focused his practice on addressing the needs of people of all ages and relieves pain, tension, and injuries quickly and naturally.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Lane stated, “I have found over the years, that many people suffer from injuries and pain as a result of activities and injuries they suffered as young people. I feel that by working with all members of a family and giving them the care and tools they need to avoid injury and maintain wellness, they will have the ability to proactively address environments and activities where injuries could occur more easily.”

When the doctor works with families, he examines each family member to determine their unique needs. The examination includes x-rays, testing for mobility and flexibility, and a physical exam to identify any anomalies that may exist in the neck, spine or extremities. The doctor will discuss normal activities of the individual, past injuries, and a diet and exercise regimen.

After meeting with individual family members, Dr. Lane meets with the family to determine what their goals for wellness are and discuss the activities that they do together as a family. Following this meeting, the doctor creates individualized wellness plans for each family member and a group plan for the family that will include the health and wellness goals of the family.

The doctor will often educate the family on the ways they can improve their mobility and flexibility through group activities that the entire family can participate in. He will also make recommendations for dietary changes that will increase the ability of the body to heal and regenerate more effectively. The chiropractor will recommend exercises that will strengthen the muscle groups that support the neck and spine of the patients.

To get more information on the methods and techniques used by Dr. Christopher Lane, Franklin chiropractor to provide family-oriented care safely and naturally, visit today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.


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