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Jacksonville FL Chiropractor Helps Back Pain Sufferers Find Relief Naturally

When interviewed, Dr. Robinson stated, “Many people suffer from back pain as a result of sitting for long periods of time each day and not getting the exercise they need to maintain a strong back. When people are sedentary, the pressure placed on the spine is tremendous and often results in compressed discs and pinched nerves. I work closely with patients to ensure that they are given the tools, education and resources they need to maintain a healthy back and improve their overall health and wellness.”

When an individual meets with the doctor, they are given a physical examination and x-rays to determine the areas of the back that are damaged. The doctor will also talk to an individual about their lifestyle, normal activities, exercise and diet. After reviewing all of the information collected, the doctor creates an individualized plan that will address the immediate pain and long-term issues that are contributing to the back pain.

The doctor uses a combination of methods and techniques that include low-force manipulation to realign the compressed discs and relieve pressure from the pinched nerves. The doctor may also use other therapies including deep-tissue massage and heat/cold therapy to relieve swelling and inflammation from the areas that have been damaged.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. James C. Robinson, D. C., Jacksonville chiropractor to relieve back pain and provide patients with the education and resources they need to achieve greater health and wellness, visit today. Individuals and members of the press who would like more details about this press release will find contact information below.


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