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Heirloom Beds Brings Wonderful Bedside Cabinets To Perfectly Compliment Your Bedroom Furniture

Heirloom Beds are offering bedroom furniture known for their elegance, sophistication and modishness. Their bedside cabinets are truly helpful in creating manageable home spaces. It comes with a 3 drawer making it ideal to be utilized to keep the night lamp, telephone or other necessary bedside things. It is handmade from the solid Sweetened mahogany. Floating panels are used derived applying traditional methods of tendon and mortice. Its dovetail comes with a joint. The cabinets come with a pair of Hand-Forged brass handles. The hand carved details carry an element of luxurious appeal to it. This truly compliments furnishings of any home décor.

Mahogany in their wooden furniture brings out true natural features in it. Enhancement of beauty in the rooms exceeds expectations of buyers. Compared with other varieties available, they last a life-time and are a true value for money. Heirloom Beds is very particular about the kind of aura their products create. Being hand-crafted, it carry’s elements of sturdiness, warmth and grace. Compared to machine operated varieties, the company’s product undoubtedly have better finishing touch. their product need low maintenance which makes them a preferred choice for every home.

About The Company:

Started by a team comprising husband and wife, Dave and Sarah, 6 years ago, the company has seen a complete transformation during this period. What started in a small 500 sq. ft storage area has now gone to occupy more than 14, 000 sq.ft of warehouse and showroom area. Heirloom Beds’ financial creditworthiness can be judged from non-existence of any kind of loan, debt or overdraft. They pay attention to smallest detail and work closely with their factory. They import directly to their warehouse and do not take help of any distributor or wholesaler for their business. This has enabled them to price their products far lower than it is available in most depot stores.


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