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Lawnmower Racing History You Should Know

Lawn mowing machines serve the purpose of trimming your grass and making your gardens look neat and well-maintained. The evolution in the manufacture of lawn moving machines led to the introduction of more advanced models. Apart from being manually operated, lawn mowing machines can also run using electric power. There are also gas lawnmowers in the market. Sports loving men have turned such powerful lawn mowing tools into racing equipment. Lawnmower racing events have been common since a long time. Discussed below is the interesting history of these events.

The first ever lawnmower race was organized back in 1963. The event took place in Indiana. In this race, no modifications were made to the factory engines of lawn mowers. The participants used factory-fitted machines and had a great time competing with each other. From then onwards, lawn mower racing started gaining popularity. It is still organized in different parts of the world and is enjoyed as a fun form of sports.

After the first lawn mower race in 1963, several more racing were organized. Slowly, modifications were brought to these racing competitions. Some participants started altering the lawn mower engines to increase their power. Therefore, their chances of winning the races increased as compared to those using the regular factory engines.

However, observing this disparity, the rules of the race were changed a few years later. Lawnmower racing was categorized. Two groups were now created. One group used factory engines while the other one used modified engines. In this way, it was ensured that all participates had an equal chance to win.

To this day, these races are carried out using different types of lawn mowing machines. Men enjoy the thrill and fun related to this types of racing. In addition, it also gives folks a chance to show their technical skills with engine modifications. Those who can make their factory engines more powerful can boast about it.

There are several safety precautions which must be observed as rules of this racing competition. Firstly, the blades of the lawnmowers are removed. Secondly, there is an age limit imposed on those who want to participate. An individual has to be eighteen years or above in order to take part in the race. In exceptional cases, 16 and 17 year old participants can also join, but with the permission of their parents.

The main benefit of lawnmower racing is that it is much less costly than sports car racing. In addition, it is much safer as well.


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