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Learn Powerful Link Techniques to Boost Your SEO

Link building is the method of getting links to your website. Most webmasters believe that writing quality articles will get the links, but that’s not entirely true. Unless you are specifically trying to get links, you will have a hard time undertaking this process

In the early days, link building was an easy process. You can easily automate tools to submit to article directories and Web2.0 sites to generate backlinks. The quality of the article or the incoming links doesn’t matter.

Link building is the process of getting links from high authority pages, quality pages, and relevant/relevant pages. Emphasis is placed on quality and relevance of links. What’s more, link diversity plays an important role in improving search engine rankings.

Benefits of Link Building

Link building is an important part of search engine optimisation and here I outline some of the key benefits of link building for your website.

In general, the popularity of a website or blog is determined by the number of incoming links.

The number of incoming links from quality sites is also an important factor in determining your Google Page Rank (PR). Once you’ve launched your blog or website, you should spend the first few weeks on link building to gain more visibility on search engines.

Links coming from an authoritative site are always rewarded in Google searches. Effective link building doesn’t mean unlimited link building; it means getting genuine links from trusted websites.

Some benefits of link building:

· Increasing the visibility of your webpage in search engine results.
· Obtain traffic from other websites linked to you.
· Incoming links from High-quality site mean your site will be admired as a valuable     resource.
· Link building also helps your website in getting indexed in search results faster.

Link building can be performed with many techniques:

· Writing incredible content.
· Great videos
· Guest blogging.
· Infographics.
· Directory submission.
· Write pillar content and inform bloggers.
· Dofollow blog comments.
· Dofollow social bookmarking websites.

There are many techniques for getting people to follow, but if you have a website, then it is always advised to make a proper plan for link building.

Powerful Link Building Techniques

• Free or Low-Cost eBooks

Besides the ever-present Google, there are many other ways to reach an audience. What if your keyword selection is extremely competitive? What if you exploited ebooks?

Have you researched the competition for these words in the e-book industry? Marketplaces like Amazon get a fair share of the traffic, and you can leverage that to reach your audience.

• Hire An Experienced Blogger

Getting a well-known and reputable blogger to write an article for you is not as difficult as you think. Your investment can produce results that last a lifetime.

Ideally, you should approach someone who can see your niche and make a recommendation. Most bloggers like to link to content they have written on the web.

When you attract bloggers’ links to their posts on your site, you not only get a high-quality link but also more traffic. Do this once a month and you’ll have a solid backlink profile built from the sites of the top influencers in your industry.

• Interview an Influencer

It can be a pipe dream to think you can score an Oprah interview, but you can certainly reach a few influencers in your field.

Ideally, the person you’re interviewing should have a strong social media presence and be a recognised blogger who is respected for their contributions.

Most influencers won’t turn down the opportunity to share their experiences with your community. Influencers will also promote everything they do on their blogs and social media communities.

One Last Thing

These uncommon, and less talked about link techniques are fantastic, but they should be paired with a traditional links strategy. If you want some help in the world of link building, Digital White labels offer link building packages Sydney, Australia.


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