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What You Say & Where You Say It Makes a Difference

This might be surprising but general text, not just keywords, is also one of the driving factors to get high rankings. Search engines, along with your readers, love fresh content and providing them with updated, relevant content is a great recipe for good SEO. When a site frequently updates their content it increases the likelihood that spiders will revisit the site more often.

When writing content for your web page make sure it is relevant to your site, easy for visitors to read and understand and not just a stereotypical sales pitch. Also make sure your keywords are well positioned within your content, you might want to talk to your Omaha web design to help build some SEO into your site.

Sites that do not focus on the content of their pages and do not update frequently have more difficulties getting crawled by spiders.
If you are at a loss for content, one solution to getting fresh text on your site is to create a news section. This can include company news or even and RSS feed that will keep new content a constant on your site.

  • minimum word count,
  • maximum topic count

It is important that every page has at least 250 words of unique content, but no more than one major theme. If visitors can find your page easily using more then three unique key phrases, you need to break your content into smaller pages. For instance, if a user can arrive at a page on a web site that sells vehicles and off road lighting by searching for “new cars,” “4 x 4 trucks,” and “winter tires,” the site owner has too much information on one page. These are three completely unique themes and each deserve their own page. Of course these pages could all be linked to one another, but the content is too broad to ensure a successful pairing of the visitor’s immediate and precise needs.

structure your content with the help of your Omaha web design
It is important to create easy-to-scan content on your site that your visitors can skim without missing important bits of information. A paragraph of text is difficult to read, but a few simple tricks will make your content much easier to scan.

  • Separate your content into
  • sub-sections with headings.

Add emphasis to individual phrases with bold and italic formatting.

  • Use bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Knowing what your customers want

Even if you get your keywords ranked high and follow all the tools we’ve discussed so far, you must still know who your customer is. If you do not know who your best customers are and what they are most interested in from you, it doesn’t matter how high your SEO is; you will not be able to retain a client base.

In addition to attracting the right type of visitors, you need to make sure you help visitors find the right kind of content. Omaha web design searching for “cheap Mothers’ Day flowers” probably doesn’t really care about the meaning behind giving a red rose versus a white rose as a gift. Make sure your site has a clear call to action on each page with links leading to alternate content where appropriate. An example of a set of links like this may include About Roses, Buy Roses Now and Rose Photo Gallery.

When to make text italic or bold

The best time to make your text italic or bold is when you are looking to draw readers’ attention to a particular word or phrase. While humans and spiders read your text differently, the spiders can tell that bolded or italicized words have more importance then the surrounding text. Search engines are able to distinguish the bold and italic text by finding the and text code in the site programming.

Try to use bold and italic text sparingly so it does not dominate your page. This should only be used to call attention to the most important words and phrases on your site.

Duplicate content

Always make sure the content you put on your site is original. Do not take content from similar sites without crediting the original owner. Although poaching content is not illegal, you may not be the only one on the web who has obtained this information. If you find a article that you would like to have on your site I would suggest that you rewrite it in your own words.


Pure HTML sites are made to be simple with not a lot of functionality. JavaScript is a programmable language for building Omaha web design applications to enhance HTML sites.

Additionally, search engines ignore any JavaScript they encounter on a page. Also if you have links inside the JavaScript code they will most likely not be indexed by spiders.
If you have JavaScript inside the HTML file itself (rather than as an external .is file) this will clutter the HTML file and your site will not be indexed by the spiders.


We’ve seen the wonders of Flash. The video, the hype… even the beauty and elegance of design that leaves an impact that you remember…. Unfortunately as we’ve learned, search engine spiders don’t see things the way you and I do. The difference between how people see Flash versus how Google and spiders see Flash.


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