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Melbourne Is The Coastal Capital Of The Southeastern Australian

We arrived at the Sydney airport way too early only to learn our flight to Melbourne was cancelled. I’m not sure in my lifetime of flying when this kind of situation has ever worked in the customer’s favor, but we had arrived just in time to catch an earlier flight going directly to Melbourne instead of the cheap airport 45 minute south of the city.

The true reason that we came to Melbourne was none other than to see Rod Laver Arena, home of the Australian Open (tennis). For those of you who know Elder, I bet you can guess whose idea this was, as the only time I enjoy the sport is when Federer is running around with his shirt off. Nevertheless, we somehow managed to come back here three times during our stay and even managed to play on the courts, I guess it was just practice for my future tennis career.

In our few days here we managed to enjoy endless cups of coffee (I never knew Melbourne was as addicted to caffeine as Seattle), check out the DreamWorks animation exhibition, head to the top of the sky tower, bike the river and enjoy the local hot springs.

Before we knew it, our few days were up and we were off to enjoy the Great Ocean Road.


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