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MI Ford Dealers Still Receive Complaints: ‘MyTouch is Complicated and Distracting’

Every year, J.D. Power and Associates completes a quality study and rank the different automakers. MI Ford dealers may still be hearing complaints about MyTouch, but will that affect the newest quality results?

DETROIT, M.I. – MI Ford dealers may be interested to see the new results of J.D. Power and Associates’ yearly quality survey scheduled to be released later this week. Once a year, J.D. Power and Associates completes a quality survey of the different automakers that ranks them from highest to lowest.

Last year, Ford Motor Corp was ranked fifth, which made Ford one of ten that ranked above the industry average in terms of quality. The only worries Ford may have this year are the consumer reactions to the newest technologies, like Ford’s MyTouch in-car technology system. At this point, MI Ford dealers may still be hearing customer complaints about the MyTouch as the technology has been labeled as ‘complicated’ and ‘distracting’ since its release.

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Most consumers who love new gadgets seem to like the technology as they learn the features, says The Detroit Free Press, but those customers looking for simple commands for simple tasks are having a harder time. Some have reported issues with MyFord being nonresponsive for voice commands or from the system randomly shutting off to reboot.

But MI Ford dealers may know that the technology isn’t the only Ford upgrade that consumers are having problems with. The new Powershift transmission, stocked in the Fiesta and Focus, uses two manual transmissions that each control opposite gears to create better fuel economy and more efficient shifting. The problem seems to be the sound the engine makes as it shift gears speeding up or slowing down.

Although customer complaints are an important factor in quality, they may or may not reflect in the poor design of a technology. MI Ford dealers will have to wait and see where the company is ranked once the report comes out.

Check back as MI Auto Times posts the results.

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